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    General RSX Discussion
    I just got this car about a week ago it's a 2002 RSX type s and i can tell it has had some stuff done to it but I have no idea what these are please let me know if you've seen these before.
  2. DIY: Replacing the AC compressor and mod ac lines

    The DIY Garage RSX
    What's up guys! I'm living at Maryland now and work close to DC. I didn't need ac in Germany but the traffic here sucks soooo ac it's a must! I didn't want to use the stock lines because I'm going sidewinder with a 6262. I also didn't want to use the EP3 lines. Some welding had to be done but I...
  3. Mod opinion

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Hey everyone. Might be the wrong sectiong to post this in BUT, what do you guys think would be a best bang for buck mod for an 06 RSX auto with 74k miles?(I will be swapping tranny for 6spd manual after I lower the car) Engine/frank swap? Turbo kit? All motor build?? Full bolt-ons & reflash or...
  4. Brake lights mod

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Watch the video and let me know what do you reckon.
  5. catalytic Mod

    Forum Threads
    I have finnaly bought the SI ive always wanted and i am trying to get to know her well, instead of paying for someone else to do everything and listening to one mechanics advice, so here goes, i have 2003 si with 78,000 miles, good shape, a few add ons but nothing major, i believe i need a new...
  6. Long Time Lurker, Finally Looking to Mod

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi everyone I've had my RSX since 08' and I'm finally making it into a track car. Anyone have any recommendations for how best to up the power significantly? I was at Pittsburg International Raceway last summer and was bored to death on the straights. I'm looking to take the motor and trans out...
  7. Car is now broken in, want to mod slightly. Question with direction

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    So I just broke ~11k miles :hb: and now I think I want to mod the car slightly. It is an 06 Type-S. I only really plan to do 2 things, a short ram and a 2.75" cat back. Can I get away with these prior to doing a reflash? If I only plan on doing these two things (at least for quite some...
  8. Lotus 7 D mod scca autocrosser with K202a

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello I own a Lotus seven replica with the k202a motor. It has hot cams, hi compression pistons and runs on E85. I am in the process of rebuilding it after blowing the engine at nationals. It is a really sweet motor. I am looking for a good block and crank and a IPS k2 exhaust cam. Tom...
  9. WTB: All different types of MOD's (Exterior, Interior, Engine)

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Looking for parts for 05-06 PWP Mini Decklid & Wing Rear Type s Badge JDM window visors Aspec Front & Sides Retrofits black interior swap
  10. Honda baby nsx

    Auto Talk
  11. When putting in a new mod.

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Recently I've put in an intake, and lowered the car on springs. ( Thank you thank you, it's about time I began to stance out this shit...) Anyways, I noticed the car seems to run a bit off, not to mention the engine light came on and the code is: P0128 (Coolant Thermostat) I'll deal with that...
  12. Newbie with Mod fever.

    Member Show-Off EP3
    Just got this 2002 ep3 two days ago. Any suggestions on cold air intakes? Already found the exhaust and headers I want.
  13. sold mod pls close

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    For sale are 2 dead stock nike air foamposite volts both in size 9.5. Comes with original box. Looking to get $250 each picked up locally or also I can ship at buyers expense. Let me know if your interested, PM or text me @ 619-204-6036. I'll respond faster through text. I can also send more...
  14. EP3 Newbie with Mod Fever!

    Member Show-Off EP3
    Hello everyone! I just picked up an 03 EP3/SI and am stoked on it! I have a lot of experience modding 4x4s but haven't owned a tuner car before. I already ordered some 16" replica JDM ITR white wheels, and some authentic Type R side shirts from the UK for cheap! Here are some pics: The...
  15. mod pls close

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    found what i needed! thanks again early_bird.
  16. Base Mod Exhaust

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    What's a good exhaust for an 06 base rsx I'm not to familiar with good exhaust types.
  17. Oh My Mod! car meet

    North East
    Whats going on guys? I'd like to share my upcoming event with you guys and see if any of you guys are interested in coming out! hope you guys can come out! heres the link:
  18. First mod: T1R Headers

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hi guys looking to get some advice. I'm looking to buy 1TR headers for a great price used. So far the only mod i have on the car is a Cold air intake. It seems like a major upgrade and just wanted to see if it will be worth while to put it on my 03 type s with an stock exhaust. Also, what will i...
  19. what's the best mod to do to ep3 suspension ?

    General Discussion EP3
    In terms of bang for the buck to improve handling and stability
  20. Can you mod automatic FINAL THREAD

    General RSX Discussion
    Sorry guys I'm new to the club and I have a rsx silver base automatic 2003. My question is can I do the basic mods such as headers and exhaust system and where can I get the mods from website? Most mods are only for type s .. I'm asking because I'm not sure if the automatic transmission is in...