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  1. FS: DC5 Model, PSP, DC5 & EP3 Power folding mirror

    North East For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Never got around to assembling them. $25 each + shipping & paypal OBO. SILVER ITR SOLD The wing pictured on the left is not the wing the model comes with. It comes with the type-r one. No scratches. Comes with all accessories and 1Gb SanDisk MS. Comes with Madden '07, Fight Night: Round 3...
  2. FS: Fujimi Integra type-r models

    Everything Else
    Never got around to assembling them. $25 each + shipping & paypal OBO. SILVER ITR SOLD The wing pictured on the left is not the wing the model comes with. It comes with the type-r one.
  3. FS: a-spec suspension fits all Rsx models

    Suspension & Brakes RSX
  4. Double Din Kenwood and poineer..debating on models

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    debating on which kenwood to get. Model wise I've never had one that had navi, i honestly hear that they aren't THAT good anyway, plus I'm pretty good with a map and have navi on my iphone.
  5. Buddy Club Race Header for 02-06 RSX-S !!CHEAP!!

    Engine & Transmission RSX
  6. JDM DC5 trim models

    General RSX Discussion
    This might be a noobish question but ive always wondered how the different dc5 trim models in japan worked. If someone can give a brief explantion on not more so the mechanical differences but performance comparisons with the usdm models. mainly the 05-06. 02-04 usdm: base and type-s 02-04 jdm...
  7. 02-06 radiator, both models

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    the radiator i have fits both base and type S 80 bucks plus shipping or just 80 for local pick up brand NEWWW
  8. foglights on 02-04 models

    Exterior Mods RSX
    hate the fact that you must cut in order to fit foglights....liking how easy it is on the newer models...but the other problem is that does it really look clean once on the car...if i got, i would want to paint the outside of the foglights same as car..looks clean and stock....what do you...
  9. What to do for a conversion from 04 to 05/06 models

    Exterior Mods RSX
    So my brother has an 04 type-s and he really wants to make it look like the new 05-06 models. any suggestions, guides, how-to's? do you guys think its worth spending the money on it? thanks srry bout the double post, net sucks :|
  10. SI Swimsuit Models & cars in vegas

    Check out this video at the Luxor in Vegas. it's 3 of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models in the cars with some pros. This is nuts!
  11. 1/10 RC, Nitro, 1/18,1/24,1/64 models, RSX, HPI, Kyosho & more

    Everything Else
    Radioshack 1/10 RC RSX, discontinued. Retail is 100$, my price is 75$ 16.5MPH, Speedometer on remote, great handling with all around independent suspension. Both are brand new. Nikko 1/10 RC Viper. New is 140$, I want only 45$ 20MPH, easily upgradeable to their 24MPH motor or higher using...
  12. Role Models

    TV, Music, & Movies
    I laffed... "Let us gingerly touch our tips" :rotfl::rotfl:
  13. Did all Type S models come with keyless entry?

    General RSX Discussion
    Did all RSX Type S models come with keyless entry as standard?
  14. Did all Type S models come with keyless entry?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Delete Delete
  15. Role Models

    TV, Music, & Movies i think its going to be funny
  16. 2008 Pioneer Models ??

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    the new model pioneers with the rotary commander.. i have the CD-IB200II ipod hookup (big box adapter) and would like to re-use it, but im seeing that only the 3000ib model specifically says it can use the ib200, yet all the higher models talk of the USB ipod adapter. can i use the ib200 with...
  17. ClubRSX PhotoCrew™ ||| Long exposure ||| Sexy models ||| Landscapes ||| Cars

    Chit chat chitty chat chat.
  18. Ricers in Base models (No Offense to base owners)

    General RSX Discussion
    I was coming home from work the other night in my DD (Jetta TDi, 90 hp economy diesel ftw! lol) and I pull up at this light. This ricer beside me in a base 02 4x4 with a cracked windshield and on the cell phone looks over at me like the Guido he is. He gets off his phone and revs this base...
  19. Chicago Hot Import Nights Models 5/10/2008 (56k make me flied lice)

    Member Show-Off RSX
    i was at the show this year with my buddy's shop Xtreme Graphics... well, while those guys were cutting stickers and making money.. i took it upon myself to get drunk and shoot as many girls as i could. didnt have my dads nikon handy but I grabbed a point-and-shoot and went to town... some of...
  20. Why would acura discontinue the rsx models?

    General RSX Discussion
    This is BS y the hell would acura discontinue the rsx, i have read tht acura might redisgn the rsx in late 2009 or late 2008, but y did they have to disconitinue? i dont even know if im gonna find a rsx type s here in bellevue hope the honda/acura dealers have some in stock, i'll be preety damn...