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  1. Acura RSX Toy Models

    Everything Else
    I got 2 RSX, both made by Muscle Machines and 1 RSX made by Hot Wheels for sale. Each will be $10, or $18 for two, or $26 for all three. All are in perfect condition and even still has the plastic wrap around it. Shipping is FREE and I will even ship it OVERNIGHT so that you'll get it the...
  2. pix of dc5 with models, chicks women?

    Member Show-Off RSX
    anyone have them? i need them for a project, please post pics of dc'5s with women posing with them thanks!
  3. Model(s) *Official* Thread Round Number 2 *WW*

    I have never gotten to make a really sweet thread before that goes to 75 pages so this is my chance plus the Old Model Thread is on page 75 So here's the new one bitches. :beerchug:
  4. 1st imoressions on Reflash #4 on 02- 04 models

    ECU Tuning RSX
    1st impressions on Reflash #4 on 02-04 models I opened this thread as I did not find many reviews on the 02-04 models with reflash #4 so please drop in to share ure first impressons of this mod. I am currently running injen CAI. So I plugged in the reflashed ecu today and then went for a...
  5. Lip kit for the 02-04 models

    General RSX Discussion
    What is a popular lip kit for the 02-04 type s? I want to browse around. i want to know what material it should be made out of to.
  6. San Mateo, CA. Motorcycle Show - 2008 models

    Friday, Nov 16, 2007:
  7. quick question: 02 RSX Hood Fit on 05/06 Models?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Like Title States. I'm trying to help a friend out, so if someone can please help me out, i'd really appreciate it. thanks alot. I don't have an RSX myself, so it's kinda hard to help my friend out :P
  8. BASE MODELS ONLY!!! list your mods

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    i know i made one before but it appears to be missing. here it is, list your mods on your base, not type s or civic or anything else. just base rsx's SUSPENSION Tein Super Street Pillowball Coilovers Mugen Rep. Front Strut Bar Mugen Rep. Rear Mid Bar Megan Racing C-Pillar Bar In Car...
  9. Model(s) *Official* Thread *WW*

    Tired of posting under a picture of a cup, or a battery.???? :laughing: This is for the photographers that work with Glamour, Portraits, Fashion, Bands...etc. :thumbsup: Post away...
  10. Base Models Interested in Race Headers look here :D

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I think i am one of the longest lasting base members here, but i finally got rid of my car in search for a s2k, anwyays now that cams are out if anyone is lookin for the best deal u will get prolly on a comptech race header for the base i have one forsale with adapter and o2 sim pm me for...
  11. Any base models with Hondata #4 ECU Reflashed?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Any base models with Hondata ECU Reflashed? I have the Hondata ECU Reflashed with mine....I bought it like this with CAI/E/ I don't know how my base model compares to the stock base model. Can you guys tell me if the performance gain is noticeable? How does it compare to other mods...
  12. Does the 05 rsx rear seats fit in the 02 models??

    Exterior Mods RSX
    i'm planning to buy new rear cloth seats. for my rsx becasue my leather one have mold growing out of it. i'm just wondering if the new 05 model one would fit in the 02 cars. why i ask is becasue for some reason the price is 200 cheaper for the 05.
  13. 05 PRB intake mani is different from previous models.

    All Motor RSX
    Tried to install my ITR PRC intake mani yesterday on my 05 and found it woulnd't work. The MAP sensor location has been redesigned on the 05, thus changing the physical characteristics of the throttle body and intake manifold. I'm going to find out if the 05 ITR PRC has changed as I believe my...
  14. base models + nitrous.. anyone out there?

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    ok guys.. i'm sorry if this has been posted before but i have searched and come up with nothing useful. i want to know your experiences/setup/quarter mile times on nitrous with your base models. i have a base 5spd, but info on a base auto too would be fine. just wanna see how this motor reacts...
  15. any difference in body style between '03 and '04 models?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    especially in the factory OEM kit? or is it still the same?
  16. What does Acura use on the high end models to make it quiet??

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Anyone know?? I want to remove the road noise. I don't plan on upgrading the stereo, just want it quiet like a lexus... Wonder what the manufacters use like the high end lexus or acura to keep it quiet... A friend told me they havae some kind of spray stuff that I can get and just spray all...
  17. jackson super charger for all models

    Turbo RSX
    i don't know if this have been talked about already and i don't know who have seen and read it on the february issue of super street, page 186. anyways...i just got off the phone with jackson racing and their super charger is coming out late april or early may...for all models...type S...base 5...