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  1. Moderator kindly Close: WTB: ASAP lower ball joint 05+ Type S

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Anyone selling a lower ball joint for 05+ Type S, either OEM Brandnew or Aftermarket like Buddy club Hit me up ASAP
  2. Moderator approval for posts

    Community Help
    So I posted a bunch of pics of my car over a week ago and got a message that before my post was visible, that I had to get approval from a site moderator... Well this has been over a week now and still have not heard anything, nor is my post visible. I realize I do not have many posts, is this...
  3. Moderator has approved it for posting

    Community Help
    I know that I'm new and all. I went to go make a Part Out and that came up.. And last night I asked a question on a post and people responded, but when I tried to put in a link to comment back, it came up again.
  4. Moderator

    Community Help
    It seems there isnt one for the Northeast section anymore. I would be happy to do it if you need one :thumbsup:
  5. Please be impartial in your investigation Moderator

    Buyer & Seller Disputes Long story short, Someone selling cam, i enquire and agreed on deal, asked for paypal address n paid to the address he pmed (as u can see in the link above), he claimed that he did not receive and even taunt to report...
  6. Moderator please delete?

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    Never taken outta the box. I changed my mind on this exhaust and I dont wanna pay the restocking fee garbage. Im selling it for $640 shipped to pretty much anywhere in the US except West Coast. Thats what I payed for it. That price is firm so please dont suggest anything lower. I would post pics...
  7. Moderator Please Delete

    Suspension & Brakes RSX
    Moderator Please Delete
  8. Where can I find a moderator?

    General Discussion EP3
    Hey guys, I still don't know who's a mod on this site... anyway someone posted a few square-mile pictures in my showoff thread and I need that post deleted, it's very obnoxious that he didn't resize them to the usual size. Here's the post that I need axed...
  9. moderator please delete.

    Auto X & Road Racing
    Moderator... Please delete. this was a wear failure. I should have dismantled first... lol:p
  10. Turbo guys tire setups( Moderator please dont move)

    Turbo RSX
    Hey guys i was curious what everyone is running for rims and tires on there turbo setup. I would like to know because in the future i plan on going boost and want to help aid traction. Please let us know what power your making, what gear you hook in, and the tires your running. Thanks
  11. Do you want Locotony as a moderator for this section

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Do you want Locotony as a moderator for this section (posting this for a non-premium member who frequents this section)
  12. **official anyone but ruel for moderator**

    Seriously. Dude deletes every thread that looks at him in a negative light. Im sure this won't be here in the morning. My vote goes to Fanatik.
  13. Need new moderator

    Car Care RSX
    This car care section needs a new moderator and someone thats on here alot. This is to help frosty and JoePa. Cause newbies keep asking the same question and I think frosty and JoePa got sick of tell each one the same thing.
  14. Nor Cal needs an extra Moderator, nominations are open.

    Northern Cali
    Ok, so i got the OK from the big man to find a new Moderator to help us out in the Nor Cal forums. I was instructed to find someone local, who actually knows the area, the members, etc... So give me honest nominations of who you think would work out for this position, and with reasons why. No...
  15. Moderator for the Hawaii board

    The Hawaii board seems to be the only one without a moderator on the Regional Forum. I PM'd Chris Dye (K20A2) earlier today about this and he basically said to give him a list of names from our board who we think would be a good moderator and he'd research those members so he could pick a...
  16. Requestion CRSX Moderator Help to Catch CRSX Scammer

    Community Help
    Hi, My name is Dennis and I sold some wheels here locally 2 months ago in the socal for sale forum. The transaction went smoothly but just yesterday, I was notified of a chargeback was made and now my paypal account is negative over $600 dollars. The thread is no longer available via search...
  17. Moderator Version of CRSX

    Community Help
    I have always wondered. What does the Admin/Moderator version look like. Do you guys have like extra links and buttons, or are all the admin functions bunched into one menu??? Just wondered.
  18. so who is our moderator? conrad vs conrad vs conrad?

    ECU Tuning RSX
    hehehe was bored and did some googling. you look so different! :)
  19. Any moderator. I have a request

    Turbo RSX
    I was just wondering if we could create a boost related thread where we can put pictures of different setups-products- installs of fuel pumps-gauges etc and also videos of turbo Rsx's etc. This would be great and it would help a lot of people. If this can happen and someone can host some videos...
  20. New N/A forum moderator

    All Motor RSX
    Hi all, I have been appointed as the new moderator for the N/A forum. I just wanted to briefly introduce myself (although most of you probably already know me) and tell everyone of the change. I have a few goals for the forum that I would like to see accomplished, most importantly an...