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  1. New Member Introduction RSX
    Greetings and grinders spinning I just purchased my 1st Rsx typeS ome week ago. I found a MINT 2002 TypeS 140,000 miles all maintained by a dealership. I found it on craigslist for $4700. So far i have done the airbox mod and added some important ground wires - fuel injector ground to valve...
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey just wondering if anyone has had these exact symptoms and found the cure? Only happens on the first start of the day with temperature below 10C. About 5 seconds after the car is running what sounds like a bearing squealing can be heard from the passenger side of the motor. After about 2...
  3. Mid West
    User Name Posts JBamin 357 piller 306 gabo_s13 243 theporschephile 190 TheHills44060 186 Chris411 180 06RawRsx 114 TheRickster 107 yoon 39 InitialDougie 31 JR1de57 28 jinusean 25 itskien 20 Kingdom 13 trevis427 4 Edgar-05rsx 3 DadJeans 2 abennett11 1 DC5nv 1 FurY 1
  4. Forum Threads
    When I start my car in the morning my rsx steering wheel has a hard time turning, after that it's fine but only in the morning. How do I know what's wrong and what do I do to fix it
  5. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello from colorado springs silver type s turbo, the names oddie
  6. General RSX Discussion
  7. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    i have a stock passenger side rsx seat for sale with rails im moving but i dont want to move it. best offer takes it. tonight and tmrw morning located in mira mesa, san diego, ca
  8. North East
    Posting this to see if anyone can help me find or at least figure out where i can find/get my car back prob its a shell now but w/e just want to catch who did it if anyone knows anything. Stolen around 3am-6am got a clean get away no evidence but a mark in my driveway Last seen in suffolk...
  9. Mid West
    Everyone in the Chicagoland area, especially in the city PLEASE KEEP A LOOKOUT FOR THIS CAR!! If you or anyone has seen or heard anything about this car, please pass the information along. My boyfriend has had this for over a decade and spent enough for the asshole who stole it to die. It...
  10. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, I've been having a problem with my 03 rsx base. I had trouble starting my car about a week or so ago so I jumped it to get it started and took it up to advance auto parts to have the battery and alternator tested. They told me my alternator was jumping like crazy so they said a new one...
  11. Problems & Solutions EP3
    occasionally when i start my car, while turning over it will make a sort of grinding noise, similar if you were to try to start the car while it was already on (that krrrr noise lol) Could it be something as easy as spark plugs or something? i've been learning so much on here but, i still know...
  12. Problems & Solutions RSX
    After my fake mechanic , replace the motor mounts for some hassport . I notice this guy , broke the little plastic tube , the one they goes on top of the water neek , also as a little vacum hose conected to the intake many ., it something as to do with it ? I can read and see the on the...
  13. Problems & Solutions RSX
    just bough a new car 04 acura rsx! car runs fine no problem what so ever! but just that its kinda hard to crank up in the morning. work on the third turn over! im think spark plugs and fuel injetor. any idea will be thankful!
  14. Problems & Solutions RSX
    So im on my way to work, sitting at a light. light gets ready to turn green, i try to put it in 1st. my tranny is notchy as hell soo first try didnt go into gear, tried again, little more presure this time, well it went in to gear but i feel a slight pop. hmmm i drive off, go to shift...
  15. North East
    Today I've had my first truly shitty morning driving my rsx (about a month now), I got stuck in traffic on 24 on my way to 78 west and then there was a spider hanging from a web and flying around while I was on the highway who eventually crawled in around the passenger side visor. To make...
  16. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    go :awwyea:
  17. General RSX Discussion
    what my morning looked like, was driving to work got stuck in traffic, after about 5 minutes of stop and go, i see alll my electronics shut down, cluster wasnt working, radio,lights u name it. after about another 2 min, i feel the engine starting to stall soo i start reving up the engine...
  18. Member Show-Off RSX
    decided it was time to start rebuilding the car, piked up the car last year for 6000 leme know what you think. a few weeks ago i went to the mall, when i came out i saw this. figured this was a sign from above to rebuild so i picked up some sanding paper and got cracking. got rid of...
  19. Problems & Solutions RSX
    this is the first time i got a CEL without a modification except for the catback.. it came on when i was on my way to work.. pull the code and this is what it gave me.. i just search and found out that its the secondary sensor? or i just have to reset the ECU by pulling the fuse?
  20. North East
    Yup. Right outta my driveway. 2004 Acura RSX-STurbo stolen from my house. no camera's. stolen overnight bewteen 2 and 7 this morning. Car was worked on by CHR Performance in the bronx. Here are some pix of the car recently. Notable things are Cwest 05-06 front bumper, carbon fiber front...