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  1. Mother's Day Weekend

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Don't forget, it's Mother's Day this Sunday so be sure to tell your mom how important she's been in your life.
  2. Sold please delete

    Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Sold please delete
  3. The Mother of all Part Outs - Rare, JDM, OEM, etc

    Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    NOTE: WHEN SENDING FUNDS VIA PAYPAL, PLEASE INCLUDE the 3% FEE, ITEMS DESIRED AND ADDRESS (unless you plan to pick up) Email is preferred (phone got stolen, so I'm without a phone at the moment) Don't hesitate to let me know about other parts that I might be forgetting. Car will be stripped...
  4. **FIXED** Holy mother.. spark plug stuck -> rubber gasket melted

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I replace my spark plug (with ngk coppers) last year. So I wanted to replace them today. I noticed my rubber gasket in the back of spark plug socket is missing. Weird I thought, so I purchase another. So I changed 1, 2, 3... and now the fourth one. But the socket wont grip on the hex plug nut...
  5. DIY Foggy Headlights - With Mother's Restoration Kit.

    The DIY Garage RSX
    First post, and also first guide here. This is a guide on how to clean up your foggy headlights that the RSX is so prone to. (At least mine) . I tried using some restoration fluids before, and none worked for me AT ALL. Not even close to restoring my head lights. And I believe I have the worst...
  6. QUEENS NYC May 7th @ 12pm Trendsettaz Auto Club's Mother's Day Car Show & Dyno Event

    North East
    QUEENS NYC May 7th @ 12pm Trendsettaz Auto Club's Mother's Day Car Show & Dyno Event Come Join us once again as we bring you another amazing Car Show and exhilarating Dyno showdown. There will be cars battling it out for the best in sound. This event is Free to spectate as well as Free to...
  7. '05 VBP On A Sunny Mother's Day

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Just a couple of pictures on a nice day between rains.
  8. MA (Damn you mother nature for the flood, im trading my car for a boat) *CHAT*

    North East
    ok new thread is created, im going to bed, 8am class is going to come fast, fuck i got a quiz.... fml
  9. Mudgaurds off, Back raised, and clean as a mother F**Ker

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Finally have new pics. The back was sagging, so I fixed it. The mud guards looked weird so I took them off. The photos dont do the car justice but this is the cleanest shes been in a while. :p My new sleeper exhaust. 2.5 straight pipe with vibrant resonator. N20 on the way...
  10. some mother fuckers stole my seats!

    Member Show-Off RSX
    woke up to my dad at 5am "alex you know your car is down the street? looks like it rolled down there. i jump up, get dressed and run outside to this. Joannah said she heard people were stealing seats out of s2k's.. guess shes right. im so fucking pissed. what a way to start the week off huh...
  11. Old Mother's 3 step system.

    Car Care RSX
    I have this old Mother's 3 step polish, sealer, wax system. It's about seven years old, but each bottle is half full or more. Does this stuff break down chemically after such a long time or is it still safe to use? Also, is it a good system to use? I've read these car care threads for hours...
  12. Mother's Clay bar Kit? Is this all i Need?

    Car Care RSX
    The mother's Kit comes with clay, showtime detail spray, and cleaner wax. Is this all i Need for a show style shine? Do i need another type of wax after applying the cleaner wax? This is my first time waxing and i want to do it right. I read a lot of stuff on polishes and the...
  13. Mother's Reflections

    Car Care RSX
    was looking for information on this product.. search didn't really result in much. Is Mother's Reflection's a quality product? It is supposed to be a polish/wax all in one that you use after a wash. Can this be used as a substitute for normal polishing and waxing? It is not a quick...
  14. mother's, eagle one or meguire's?

    Car Care RSX
    which company's leather conditioner/protectant is better? ciao
  15. Meguiar's or Mother's Clay Bar?

    Car Care RSX
    I need help selecting a clay bar to use. Which is better, Meguiar's or Mother's clay bar and why? Or is there something better? Thanks.
  16. Mother's 3 Phase Wax Kit

    Car Care RSX
    The car was getting pretty grimy so I washed and waxed this weekend using Mother's 3 phase wax kit and an orbital buffer. The buffer made the job alot easier and cut the time in half. Here's a pic, but I think it looks alot better in person.... This is the stuff I used:
  17. Mother's Leather Cleaner

    Car Care RSX
    Has anyone tried Mother's leather cleaner?? i bought it and was reading the label and it says "avoid product contact with plastic". The vinyl on our seats is man made plastic right? Do i need another cleaner for the vinyl?? if so that'd be a total drag..
  18. mother is the devil

    Car Care RSX
    i had to use mothers because i needed to get bird crap off my car and all they had was mothers well i used it and it stripped the wax off my car and gave me swirl marks and i know it what the mothers cause i used a brand new wash mitt right out of the bag it whent from the bag to the bucket to...
  19. Can Zainos be used with Mother's and Turtle Wax?

    Car Care RSX
    I was wondering can you use Turtle Wax soap and Mother's Clay Bar with Z2 and Z5? I looked at the container of Turtle Wax soap and it didn't say that it contain any wax. Or would it be better if I used Meguiar's CarWash soap?