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  1. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Sup guys was planning on installing these on my rsx but going a different route instead. These can go either on the front or rear doesnt matter they are made for the DC5 from sportcar motion. Set of 2 Fender Flares. Brand New Asking $120 Picked up FIRM!!! Or ship for $140. they cost $240...
  2. Engine Building & Design
    Im looking for anyone who has any experience with the clockwisemotion drop in baffle. its cheap, but I want to know if anyone has had any dramas with it, especially if they track their car?
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    i got an 02 rsx type s and about two months ago i blew the a friend that had a k20a2 in his civic...when it was in his civic he had and rbc intake manifold...74mm throttle bodie...bigger injectors not sure what cc and after market fuel rail...header back exhaust...also he had kpro...
  4. Member Show-Off RSX
    Just want to quickly share with you guys a picture of my RSX at the Falken Tire booth at the Motion Auto Show. Motion is the premier import auto show in the West Coast (or possibly, the United States). At last year’s venue, my RSX was also a booth car for Falken. A week ago or so, Falken...
  5. Auto Talk​93131?ref=personalized-link-bo​x-22427063&rpi=22427063 One-year subscription to Import Tuner with your ticket purchase to Motion Auto Show for only $7!!
  6. Southern Cali
    Official Website: Facebook Event Page: Time : Sunday, August 21 · 11:00am - 6:00pm Location Long Beach Convention Center 300 Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA One of the biggest automotive shows is coming soon...
  7. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys.. Yes I first searched but it seems my problem is a litle different than most others.. I recently bought an 06 type-s with 50k miles and noticed that when I first start the car and engage the AC it will blow cold air, as soon as the car warms up the cold air becomes outside air temp...
  8. Engine & Transmission RSX
    I need the pins and springs from the rocker assembly and the lost motion springs for the head I'm building. Let me know what you got. You can also txt me at 210-913-6380. Thanks guys!
  9. Everything Else
    I'm selling my super rare never been used PUMA MINI Motion Driving Shoes, I got them back in 2003 or 2004 super hard to get at the time and even harder now. I think they made 2,000 pairs designated for the retail market worldwide. MINI and PUMA introduce the ultimate shoe for motoring...
  10. Supercharging RSX
    refer to this thread for the initial introduction i just made this thread to post up results... i did the final tune on this setup approx 2 weeks ago....focus was part throttle driveability for road racing at all rpm and load ranges as well as full...
  11. Member Show-Off RSX
    just thought id share with the crsx family. still in learning mode, so be nice.. kthnx. (click on image below to view the full set) :beerchug:
1-11 of 42 Results