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  1. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey guys my names Juan and I drive a grey 2006 Acura rsx type s
  2. Mid West
    User Name Posts JBamin 393 theporschephile 369 TheHills44060 225 06RawRsx 156 Chris411 140 FurY 107 yoon 89 itskien 55 TheRickster 54 Chef Andre 47 wmy 43 Kingdom 32 InitialDougie 31 nabusa 28 DC5nv 13 Rindy 12 IronGumby 12 heresnowhy 8 MentalMidget 7 CarlosSpicyWeiner 7...
  3. Member Show-Off RSX
    All photos with the Gas Guzzler Photography logo are by my friend Justin and are his pictures. He was kind enough to supply a few. I'm just a noob with a camera. For all pout of state and in state locals, KC Trends is a business in Overland Park, Kansas who hold car meets on their business...
  4. General RSX Discussion
    Does anybody have a name for their RSX? Mine is Nash. My Jeep was nicknamed Memphis by a super model after a stuffed bear she has so Nash is short for Nashville. I guess it's kinda cool :D What's your RSX's nickname?!
  5. General Discussion EP3
    I know most people are so connected with their cars that they usually name their cars as if they are apart of the family. Well...I'm one of those type of people lol. My car name is Lilo. Reason for that name is because on my license plate they put random letters/numbers and the letters on their...
  6. General Discussion EP3
    b16 tranny and gsr tranny fit in my 02 ep3??? lost lol...wha other tranny names dat can fit in ma si???? ;):dontknow:
  7. Buyer & Seller Disputes
    Anyone here from Taunton Mass? Theres a shady guy up there named Peter Anjos dude sent me a $3900 bogus check which was stopped payment so now he got the peak kit and i have a bogus check. I have filed the FBI complaint and spoke to the New Bedford police just waiting on a call back to fax my...
  8. Everything Else
    Please delete wrong section sorry.
  9. Auto Talk
    according to aol
  10. Canada East
    Hey, Next month we take possession of our new store/warehouse location. There will be a retail section for clothing, ugg boots, etc. Anyways, I've been looking for a good name and cant think of anything catchy. So I come here for help, anybody have any good clothing store names they can think...
  11. Northern Cali
    I find it confusing sometimes looking at user names and remembering who is who:laughing: If everyone would so kindly post their user name and actual name that would be most helpful for people like me. I think there might be some other people out there that would appreciate this too...
  12. ECU Tuning RSX
    I have a question on calibration names and changes to a calibration. Whenever I make changes to a calibration, I save the existing calibration with a new name, and then modify the new calibration. My question is this. Does the ecu recognize the difference between a new calibration versus a...
  13. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Hi, My name is Micco, and my previous car was a 1.7el. My father stumbled on a red rsx with 26,000 km on it and immediately I sold my car and purchased it. It was off lease and the buy back value was at a low price. But 2 things were wrong with it: one being it is red (My el was a 350 blue...
1-13 of 25 Results