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  1. Northern Cali
    Was anyone else watching CNN while they put like a whole bunch of black ppl dancing around after Obama won?:rotfl:
  2. Canada East
    Sign up here:
  3. Auto X & Road Racing
    Hey guys, just want to remind everybody that the Kansas City National Tour is coming up in about a week. We've got a huge, 22+ acre, site with medium grip asphalt that's in great condition. In addtion to the great surface, the lot is practically bowl shaped - you can see all parts of the...
  4. Auto X & Road Racing
    Anybody going to these events next weekend and the weekend after? Right now I'm 90% sure I'm going to be at the ProSolo @ Packwood but I don't know about Packwood National Tour yet. (Plus I haven't registered yet either :noes:)
  5. South
    does anyone have any experience with national speed in wilmington NC to be more specific, getting tuned by ben on the in shop dyno?? im about to get retuned here shortly and since this place is local i figured i would give it some consideration
  6. Auto X & Road Racing
    Not sure which sub-forum is more appropriate to post this in. Since I've seen race reports from other people posted in "member showoff", figured I would post it there too. But at the same time, I think it's very "road race" related, so let me post the link here...
  7. Member Show-Off RSX
    I wrote this in some other forum and let me cross post it here. :) It's not an RSX, but still a a DC brother. And if anyone is ever interested in getting in Honda Challenge, RSX is classed in H2. -------------------------------------------- The 2nd annual NASA National Championships was held on...
  8. Auto X & Road Racing check it out and propose some driving lines. We understand that many other factors will play a role, In visual theory what line would you drive. I tell you right now, our last event at this site was somewhat similar in design...
  9. Auto X & Road Racing
    Well, this weekend is the big measuring stick up here, as the National Tour is visiting Miller Park in Milwaukee. I'll be competing in STX against seven WRX drivers, two BMW drivers, and one '96 Mitsubishi Eclipse. If I maxxed the car for STX, the only legal performance-adding things left...
  10. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I tried ordering the denso (front)O2 Sensor from, and apparently they are on at least a 60 day national back order. Has anyone else heard of this? Anyone have an O2 sensor for sale :)
  11. Auto X & Road Racing
    JP, myself and Ryo (i forget the rest of the screen name, Chris) are running this weekend at the Millwaukee national tour. Wish us good luck. JP and I are running STX and Chris is running STS. We'll try and do the RSX some justice. Some steep competition though. Those WRX's can have close to...
  12. Auto X & Road Racing
    Anyone going to Peru this weekend for the SCCA solo 2 national tour? JP & I will be there. Let me know if your going and we can meet up. Otherwise, wish us luck!
  13. Auto X & Road Racing
    An email to the local autox list tells an interesting story about this weekend's National Tour in Ft. Myers. Apparently the course was protested (an SS Porsche GT3 was clocked @83mph!!) and the protest was accepted! The day 2 times were thrown out and the results were only based on the first...
  14. Auto X & Road Racing
    Now that it looks like the National Tour and Pro Solo schedule has been finalized, I'm curious where people are heading to. My plans include the Fort Myers Florida National Tour, Devens Massachusetts National Tour, Washington DC Pro Solo, Milwaukee Wisconsin National Tour and the National...
  15. Auto X & Road Racing
    South Bend, Indiana SCCA is having a national event on July 23-24. According to the flyer, it is supposed to be a really long course. They have an example course on the top of it, and it's certainly at least twice as long as any autocross I've done. Are all national events 2 days? How does...
  16. Auto X & Road Racing
    Just wondering how you did today.
41-56 of 61 Results