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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I installed a Hybrid fuel rail and gauge, but for some reason the fuel gauge needle is fluttering. It doesnt sit still at all, it hovers over 60 PSI, but it flutters and bounces so much that it looks like a blur. Anyone knows what might be causing this?
  2. General Discussion EP3
    Hi all, new member here! I've been lurking around awhile, learning and fixing some small things on my EP3. I managed to get myself into some trouble this morning though. I removed the cluster to check the bulbs as most of it is dark. Some of the bulbs were ok, so I disassembled the cluster to...
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    My fuel gauge needle reads "full" correctly but after driving and reaching about 1/8th of a tank my car will start cutting out like it needs gas. (first time this happened I actually ran out of gas) then the car is out of gas but the needle displays that the tank still has about 1/8th of a tank...
  4. General RSX Discussion
    After some research found what I needed. Please delete. Thank you!
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    When driving it seems there is some engine noise when I hit the accelerator and the RPM needle jumps a little more faster than my acceleration. Eventually my car picks up the speed to synch with my RPM. Do think this is a clutch problem? I was quoted minimum of $700 to have this thing changed in...
  6. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have my transmission due to be pulled this week and I was going to put in the Honda 5.062 final drive, but when I ordered it, the countershaft was damaged apparently. All other places I've looked have the countershaft on backorder! :shakehead So does anyone know a place I can get a Honda...
  7. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Need the 5.3 final drive needle bearing for my type-s gearbox chris
  8. Interior Mods RSX
    What's up. So I just got done pulling my cluster apart to take the seatbelt light out because of my straps. Anyways I was reading up on the led install and noticed the part about calibrating the needles. Well the only one I took off was the gas needle. When I put it back together and went...
  9. Problems & Solutions RSX
    My gas light stays on even after I fill it up. What can be the problem.
  10. Engine & Transmission RSX
    need a new needle bearing for a 4.7 final drive to fit in my type S
  11. Engine & Transmission RSX
    OEM Differential about 40k miles - make an offer. 4.052 final drive w/ needle bearing and countershaft. BARELY USED 400 miles, IF THAT. ALSO HAS CRYOGENIC TREATMENT DONE $380 shipped!!!
  12. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I installed my hasport 88 a's, and if i tap the gas the car jerks and i can feel it in my shifter as well, but when getting on the car the needle bounces and gives a false reading usally I end up hitting limiter before the needle gets there? I ha cel for the o2 could this cuase the prob or is it...
  13. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Alright well im reassembling my transmission after replacing the 2nd+3rd gear set. While i'm putting the mainshaft together i grab the needle bearing that 2nd gear "rides" on. it seems like there is a needle missing from it. im not completly sure if it is suppose to be that way or not. if you...
  14. General RSX Discussion
    Hey, guys been trying to find something on this issue for a lil while now...i have already searched and came up with nothing. What im looking for is how to make the needles on the cluster reset? or like a system check where both the tach and the speedo needles tach out and then go back to...
  15. Engine & Transmission RSX
    This is from my 2009 Honda Civic Si. My location is Northern California (Bay Area). The Needle Bearing is also the same bearing on the FD2 Type R; stronger than the ones we have here in the USA. 4.7 Final Drive w/ Counter Shaft / Needle Bearing - only used for 6K miles Price: $150 (Shipped)...
  16. Engine & Transmission RSX
    :wavey: pm me if you have one for sale.
  17. Problems & Solutions RSX
    hey everyone, im driving an 05 type-s and i couldnt help noticing a very weird noise coming from the rpm needle when it hovers over exactly 4,000 rpm. regardless what gear im in, the sound is always there. it sounds like scratching, ticking, etc. happens every once and a while though. thanks is...
  18. Problems & Solutions RSX
    i need help my gauge cluster recently start acting weird, evertime i turn my key to ignition 2 or start the engine, both rpm and mph needle will go up and stay at arround 6000rpm/80 mph, not exactly sure on the rpm/mph, but at arround 10 oclock direction. it will stay there for like 3 sec and...
  19. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I don't know if it's that common among rsxs but in my rsx and my girlfriends are gas needles fluctuate like crazy. What could this be? My needle could be on E with the light on and then a couple of minutes later it could be 3-4 ticks up? What could the reason behind this be? Thanks in advance.
1-20 of 25 Results