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  1. Anybody run serious nitrous setups with Ktuner?

    ECU Tuning RSX
    I've been slowly piecing together my 05' RSX Type S for the last 3 years. Finally making good ground and want to ask before committing to a specific ECU. Plan to run an Innovate PSN-1 Nitrous/AFR gauge that has a bunch of neat fail safes built into it's programming which should help keep...
  2. Intake for nitrous.

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    Alright, I've searched about as much as I can and haven't found an answer. From what I understand longer intake runners are better for torque, and short runners are better for hp. I want that initial torque off the line and hp at the end. So what I'm planning on doing is put a base intake on my...
  3. What Nitrous kit should I buy? DC5

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    Hello Friends. I am looking for cheap power. I would like my 2006 TYPE-S to be nitrosated. Which is the best kit I should buy? Thanks much. V/r Derrick
  4. V8 blown nitrous trike

    Auto Talk
    Any looking for a death machine?
  5. Nitrous Express FUll Set Up for sale

    Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    Nitrous Express kit 75-200 shot nozzles Wet and dry options Includes bottle warmer, all components needed to set it up, wiring, purge and purge lines, nitrous guage and a bunch of other stuff. Located in bergen county nj and keyport nj $800 obo, negotiable Text 2016550317
  6. Nitrous RSX vs 2013 Genesis Coupe V6

    1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    This is my RSX on stage 1 of my two stage nitrous setup vs my friend's 2013 Genesis with the 348hp engine. Mods/details are in the video. Result was pretty much what I expected. Pretty happy with that run. Second stage is an additional 35whp
  7. Nitrous opinion

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    So I wanted to get another opinion on running nitrous..Ive been told because of my compression its not a good idea that theres a high possibility its going to crack the sleeve my set up is k20/k24 12:5 87.5mm wesico pistons blue print h beam rods supertech flat valves, springs and retainers...
  8. Tuning nitrous

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, i didnt know if i should post this here or in the tuning section. Ive been running on a 75 shot dry with kpro and ive been thinking about upping the shot to a 100, the idea is to start nitrous rich and pull an extra degree or two of timing and then start...
  9. Nitrous Injected K20A3

    Turbo RSX
    I have an 05 Rsx with a Nitrous injected K20a3. Ive been thinking about throwing a bolt on Greddy turbo in it, but I've heard there are some common problems with that specific motor type. I just need some input on this before I take the dive so to speak. I haven't really upgraded the engine too...
  10. A little nitrous tuning help please

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
  11. California Venom high-performance nitrous system

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    Venom high-performance nitrous port computerized system Universal nitrous system for 4 cylinders. Wiring is for an RSX connects to the ECU with 02 and 3 chip Price is best offer. Local pick up between the 101 and 118 on Topanga Canyon
  12. FS: 10lbs Nos nitrous oxide bottle

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    I have a blue nos 10lb bottle FILLED comes jacket. REDUCED $180, if interested call or text me at 562-508-513two. -bottle heater sold
  13. ISO a complete 75 shot nitrous kit

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    I'm in search to see if I can find a cheaper complete set of nitrous for my acura rsx .. If I can't find one here Ill just buy it brand new preferably looking for the brand nitrous express 75 shot kit but willing to use a different brand if I can get a good deal
  14. 234 MPH RSX w/ 100 shot of Nitrous!!!

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    Not sure if this has been on here before but it's entertaining to watch:
  15. FS: Nitrous wet kit

    Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Price 250.00 firm Contact information 8326689687 pm me Is the item new or used Used ----------------------------------------------------- Product description A complete NX express wet nitrous kit up for grabs, potential buyers only please, dont waist my time and yours lowballing. Kit...
  16. My nitrous K20aR numbers.

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    So I got my car tuned on a decent nitrous jet, finally lol. Here's the setup Bone stock K20a Type R, RBC manifold, Kiddracing header 3" exhaust to Vibrant muffler, Nitrous Express single fogger dry with fuel controlled by Kpro and 1000cc injectors, fueled by E85, Tuned by Dee at All Performance...
  17. supercharged looking into nitrous

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    Sup guys. As the title says, I'm supercharged running a Rotrex kit and I'm interested in running a small shot on top. I saw tge zex safe shot kit and felt its all I'd really need.....for now. I would like yo know a few things. 1) direct port or single fogger 2) can I jet down a direct port...
  18. Minnesota *CHAT* Cinnamon flavored nitrous? Give me some more of that Whineeeeee

    Mid West
    2 Months for the last chat start to finish. Good work people :thumbsup: Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,848 User Name Posts Sage0021 394 Kevink121 392 korney 259 sinzdc5 162 jamesl85 159 Ransom 129 KrazyKarl 108 dc2kid 87 rellikdc5 32 vang004 25 ohyeahitskham 20 JW_RSX 19...
  19. first time nitrous

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    so im really really thinking of putting the K on spray! i've been researching for quite a while now. seems like the older threads are when people say "YOU CANNOT PUT AN RSX ON NITROUS" then the newer threads and especially the sticky here, makes it seem like its as simple as installing a dry...
  20. RBC cut, tapped/plugged for nitrous $220 obo

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Located Montebello, CA area Purchased it wit the plugs never removed them and never had any leaks Rbc cut and shaved for my k20 head also tapped for a direct port & plugged for nitrous NO TB ADAPTER Passwordjdm IM manifold gasket (free with purchase) lol The image shows some metal shaved...