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  1. Lighting RSX
    I didnt see any threads yet about this. But what are the best non-HID halogen bulbs as far as brightness and everything goes? I really like the look of HID's but I dont want to go through all the hassle of installing them as I am not very good with electrical stuff and I dont want to pay someone...
  2. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    wtb-02-04 honda oem nonhid pass. side black headlight. Will only buy oem honda. Cash in hand. Local to nj really preferred.
  3. Exterior & Interior RSX
    As the title says, bought this not too long ago from a member on ClubRSX I am selling it because I thought JDM HID can fit into a NON-HID headlamp. (Totally retarded of me) The lamp itself is in very good condition. I did rate it 9/10. No broken taps. Remember, I AM ONLY SELLING THE PASSENGER...
  4. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Selling my used set of JDM lights. They are in perfect shape, attached are pictures. PRICE HAS BEEN REDUCED TO $375 local pickup only.
  5. Exterior & Interior RSX
    For sale here is my JDM ITR Headlights Non-HID. The car is totaled so I just want to sell what I can. I bought these off another member back in 2008 and here they are; PRICE is 220 PLUS SHIPPING and/or PAYPAL fees. shoot me an email at [email protected] if PM box is full.
  6. Exterior & Interior RSX
    SOLD mod please delete
  7. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Sold!!! :)
  8. Lighting RSX
    Hey guys i just found out a local shop in my area has a pair of jdm type-r housings for $450. Its in perfect condition. just wondering if this is a good price for a set or not. if not.. is there anywhere i can get em cheaper online? (dont say ebay) thanks.
  9. Lighting RSX
    Hey, i never liked the thought of spending alot of HIDs so i just went with some hyper white lights for like $20 a pair localy, but they burnt out. So my question is are there any white or blue (i hate the OEM yellowish color) h1 lights that are worth buying, and wont burn out for at least a...
  10. Lighting RSX
    What do I need to get for the longest lasting H3 bulbs for my newly installed Halo projector headlights? I have gone through two pairs of XD5 bulbs ( H3's within a month!!! I know the projectors have shitty output, but I am not worried about brightness. Right now I need...
  11. Exterior Mods RSX
    How Much can Used JDM Headlights (Non-HID) be Sold for? I ran a forum search but came up with nothing since all search results I saw were for the HID version or for stuff that was totally unrelated to headlights. My friend has a pair of Halogen JDM headlights for sale. He's used them for...
  12. Exterior Mods RSX
    I just recently got a new pair of JDM NON-HID units. Just wondering if it's the same H1 bulbs as the USDM factory lights? I did a search but found nothing. Thanks :wavey:
  13. Exterior Mods RSX
    On the JDM Headlights, how do you know if they are HID or non-HID Headlights? They are JDM headlights, because is says Honda on it and the beam points to the left.
  14. Exterior Mods RSX
    DC5 / RSX-R Integra Non-HID Headlight Assmeblies what does that mean? i saw this on some other page they're selling them for $490. but when i buy my headlamps, i would want to be able to put HIDs in them. so what does that mean?:dontknow:
  15. Exterior Mods RSX
    just wondering if the following is different from the one at the clubrsx store... seeing that it says you don't need HID at jdmhondaparts and i think u do at clubrsx... RSX-R/ DC5 Integra Non-HID Headlight Assmeblies • Optional factory RSX-R black-housed non-HID headlights. • Designed for the...
  16. Exterior Mods RSX
    okay, i've done a search and cannot determine a conclusive answer. do the non-HID JDM headlight housings affect the headlight beam pattern when installed on USDM cars? i know that they come from a right-hand-drive car, and i know that the JDM HID's are aimed accordingly - but do the non-HID...
  17. Exterior Mods RSX
    I've seen posts from people complaining that the right headlight blinds oncoming drivers after installing their JDM HID set. I actually noticed this on the road the other oncoming car had HIDs and their right headlight looked like it was pointed right at me as I passed him. My question...
1-18 of 18 Results