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  1. General RSX Discussion
    This subforum has become a catch all for tech questions when it wasn't intended that way and will be closed. We are implementing a simpler interface of having a new member section for new people to post in. This sub forum can still be searched in, there will just be no more posting. If you don't...
  2. Texas
    So its been awhile since we have had a meet! I would like to hang out and see some old faces as well as meat new faces. I know this is a short notice but try to make it out! We will hang out, talk and our photographer, Paul, will snap some good pics of your ride in this fall weather! After...
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    So while I was on my way to work this morning, I saw a mouse run across the passenger side floor board. As I'm sure you're all aware, they tend towards wreaking havoc on wires and other various chewable objects. Does anybody know of a good way to rid my car of this cancerous infestation?
  4. Suspension & Brakes RSX
    Im picking up a new set of coilovers come monday, but I figured I would throw this out there incase I find a better deal than what I was going to settle for, somthing with low miles and in good condition... You never know who has what for sale!! LMK 786-375-1620, text for quickest response..
  5. JDM Only RSX
    Sup everyone, one of the guys over at Kami Speed sent me this link that they'll have up and running tonight: Its there memorial weekend sale for many parts at crazy prices. He told me that many of the parts have limited stock and to...
  6. DC Metro
    im gonna be down in ocean city marlyand next friday the 25 i think it is till the following monday/tuesday if anyone is down for a small meet
  7. General RSX Discussion
  8. General RSX Discussion
    ever notice that when ur driving on the freeway and the gas lamp comes on but if u get off the freeway soon and drive around residential the light goes off? and with me it stays off for another 3 or so miles. is it made so that they want you to know sooner that ur running out of gas when ur on...
  9. Northern Cali
    Sorry for the short notice people but me and a few of my buddies are going to wed night drag at infineon raceway today. If anyone is interested in going to race is $25 and spectators its $15, tho we can always hide you in the trunk if your poor and still wanna Next week is the last day...
  10. East Coast EP3
    I'm tired of going to meets and not seeing any EPs.. I know it is late notice, but it would be awesome if some of you could make it. A friend of mine sets up alot of meets at Liberty State Park, in Jersey City. For anyone who has never been there, AWESOME place. Huge parking lot. Beautiful...
  11. Member Show-Off RSX
    She is about 90% done inside Did a small shoot with friends and got my steering wheel and passenger airbag put in on page 2 Pics of donor car on page 3
  12. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    my current set up consists of a 11kv in a seal .5cf (possibly smaller) box powered by a nine.2 bridged. Well anyways i just picked up a 130v in a ported 1.5cf box and i also plan on powering it with the nine.2. My car is currently in the shop rite now so i wont have access to hook up the new...
  13. Florida
  14. Florida
    anyone down for a little shoot my friend just got his teggy out of paint and he wants pics... PHO 88 at 1:45!! then we will discuss the details
  15. General RSX Discussion
    I keep getting pain from those damn headrests being so stiff. I've come to accept the stiff ride of my S but when I am resting my head on it it transmits every shake and bump like my spine is a tuning fork. Does anyone know if there is a carseat pillow you can buy to soften it?
  16. General RSX Discussion
    Im not sure if its my car or what but when i first start it up and go down the road before the engine is hot you cant hear vtec and it feels like vtec isnt kicking in til the engine is warmed up. Or is it because its just cold and you cant hear the transisition because its not working as hard or...
  17. General RSX Discussion
    Some complain about the 2nd gear grind. I just get a hesitation when the temp/engine is cold. Especially downshifting from 3rd to 2nd in normal driving. But it seems like the shifting is smoother when the AC is running. Perhaps because of the load on the engine.
1-18 of 33 Results