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  1. Low Compression Numbers

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I did a compression test on my 02 Type S and my numbers were lower than what I've read others report. I had: 1. 170 2. 170 3. 165 4. 170 Are these numbers okay or do I have a problem? I did not do WOT when testing any cylinder and these were all dry tests. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. Lca 3 bolt part numbers?

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hey guys. Im looking for the oem 3 bolt part numbers that connect tha LCA. I had taken my car to get aligned and they didnt tighten the bolts up. When i took a look one bolt was missing and the other was about to fall off.
  3. P0128 with normal ect numbers.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I keep getting a p0128 code for low coolant temperature. I figured it was the thermostat but my temp gauge reads normal and it warms up from cold within a few minutes. So, I plugged in an obd2 tool/iPhone app, and my ect is between 195-205 on a warm night, which seemed normal. My coolant level...
  4. Valve seals part numbers, EP3

    General Discussion EP3
    It appears some part numbers have been superseded, can someone please verify the following part numbers are correct: 14711-PNA-000 (intake) 14721-PNA-000 (exhaust) Also do they come in a set or one each? Thanks
  5. compression numbers

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi all, i have looked at the service/shop manual and could not figure out what the compression numbers are suppose to be on our type S motors. some say it should be around 230-235psi while i see others are getting between 180-195psi. if anyone with the knowledge or can direct me to the...
  6. k24 swap vs. k24/k20 Frank numbers?

    Engine Building & Design
    Hi, I need opinions. I threw a rod through my k20a2 block and oil pan on my 2002 RSX Type S with a Greddy turbo kit. I tore down the k20a2 and sent out my heads to a machine shop and did a valve adjustment. I got a k24a2 long block out of a 2008 TSX with 110,000 miles. My options are: - Drop...
  7. Not happy with my numbers. Any ideas?

    All Motor RSX
    I having a K20/K24 motor built. I have spent big bucks so far and put nothing but quality products in my car and I have gained only half what I was shooting for. Intake 3" CAI 74mm throttle body ported RBC to match trottle body K24 Block 12.5 to 1 compression forged pistons and rods K20...
  8. Decent numbers with my new build?

    All Motor RSX
    Hey guys, I'm kind of new to posting, asking, looking for input on a build. I had recently finished building my K24/20 and just seeing if the numbers I put down are decent for my setup, should be better and/or what could help me yield the 300 mark on pump gas? For starters I had bought the car...
  9. EP3 5 speed transmission individual part numbers

    Transmission EP3
    Anyone else get annoyed by the fact that you cant buy your 2nd/3rd gears individually? I found an awesome forum covering the part numbers for 6 speed tranny parts for rsx type-s, and I stumbled upon a website with the part number's for individual gears and what not for our beloved ep3. Here is...
  10. Converting your base auto to manual Full parts list with code numbers

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I just got through this, and the parts list that is stickied is great, but only describes what you need, not gives you a detailed description of what you need. So I compiled this list, and it will detail exactly to the code number what you need, and how many. My swap was a k24 swap and a k20...
  11. Suspension numbers; feedback please

    Suspension & Brakes EP3
    I've been re-reading suspension tomes as Zzyzyx suggested. I would like to get out of my head and hear some suggestions if anyone has any. I'm basically building "a track car that has been detuned to street duty". Just soft enough to use on the street but an awesome handler. It's really fun but...
  12. 06 Type S Swaybar part numbers list

    Suspension & Brakes EP3
    51320-S2G-003 51321-S2G-003 Endlinks 52306-S6M-A62 Bushing (x2) 52308-S6M-000 Rh bracket for bushing 52309-S6M-000 LH bracket for bushing 52300-S6M-A61 REAR SWAY Im bored at work and i wanted to see what all i needed to get to put a type S rear sway in my ep. i got all the info off this...
  13. My nitrous K20aR numbers.

    Nitrous Oxide RSX
    So I got my car tuned on a decent nitrous jet, finally lol. Here's the setup Bone stock K20a Type R, RBC manifold, Kiddracing header 3" exhaust to Vibrant muffler, Nitrous Express single fogger dry with fuel controlled by Kpro and 1000cc injectors, fueled by E85, Tuned by Dee at All Performance...
  14. ECU Pinout and Mil-Spec Part Numbers

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Not sure if this is in the right section but if it's not then please move. For those of you who are interested in building or just fixing your harness, here comes the thread with knowledge I collected from vast information on the world wide web. This is not my due diligence as I just compiled...
  15. whp numbers?

    General RSX Discussion
    Hey guys, new to rsx. community. I just bought one not too long ago. I'm wanting to get a guess at my horsepower numbers. I have a prb head with bc stage 1 cams, supertech valves springs n retainers, type r block with idk internals. aem intake, euro r intake manifold with rdx injectors, dc...
  16. cylinder numbers

    General RSX Discussion
    Does anybody know the order left to right while facing the engine?
  17. Type-R part numbers

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, I've been looking but can't seem to find where I can see the actual Honda part numbers for the DC5-R. A friend of mine knows where to go and compares the part numbers to the ones you find on "OEMACURAPARTS.COM" but he doesn't want to share :-( Any way anybody here can help?
  18. HP Numbers?

    Turbo RSX
    k20a - JDM base (a3 equivalent) Deatschwerks 250lp fuel pump Deatschwerks 660cc Injectors Sidewinder mani GT35 .68 AR CClutch Stage 4 Full 70mm exhaust 3 bar map sensor Hondata Boost controller more or less 15 lbs of boost. No return fuel system. Just wondering what kind of numbers to expect...
  19. Post Your High Elevation Dyno Charts & Numbers

    ECU Tuning RSX
    This for anyone that lives in high elevation, 5000ft. or higher. Please post your dyno charts/numbers, if numbers are corrected/uncorrected, what mods you have and what your elevation is. I'm new to modifying at high elevations and wondering what kind of numbers you're putting down. I've done...
  20. DC5 Brembo part Numbers

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hey Guys need a little Help I have the JDM Brembo's but I need New Seals I know the rear seals from the evo 9 fit but does anyone have the specific part number? from mitsubishi or Honda? I also need the Spring pad thats the Silver/Chrome part that pushes down the brake pads when you put the...