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  1. Hawaii
    i know there must be some place. i rather have it shipped to a shop rather than not being home and not being able to get the delivery. and also i know nothing about tuning, so if that shop knows how to tune also is a plus. lmk !
  2. Hawaii
    I'm looking for some place to get my car repainted. I have a 02 type s that needs to get its black to shine again. Anyone know a place that's legit and not stupid expensive?
  3. Hawaii
    I'm thinking it'll be interesting to hear what everyone has to say: Where's the best place to start a cruise? End a cruise? Whats your route? What stops do you take? Where do you take pictures? Where do you all gather up?
  4. Hawaii
    my teacher was tellin me that HPD's gonna really crack down on the whole over speeding issue here especially the new law they made last year about the 30mph over = $500 and 1 month suspension..Theyre gonna especially be targeting H1,H2, and likelike the downhill part!
  5. Hawaii
    Hey everyone! I'll be visiting Hawaii for the 4th of july. I'll spend most of my time on Oahu. Just wanted some info. Like weather, is it rainy that time of year? I'm not too familiar with anything really. I was also looking at deep sea fishing. What's the price range for that? Anything...
  6. Hawaii
    watsup! i'm moving to oahu for school and im thinking of shipping my rsx with me, im probably moving to moanalua side, is there any chance my baby might get stolen or broken into?:rolleyes:
1-6 of 7 Results