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  1. Knock control error/ low octane

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    My car is stock, 200k+ miles if that matters. only pump 91 but my ecu reads the fuel as lower than 91. I don’t know if its bad gas or winter blend gas but it’s knocking. Sometimes it’ll read correctly and won’t knock. Anyone dealt with this?
  2. Changing 94 N/A octane map to 91. What to do?

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Hi guys, haven't touched my kpro in YEARS. I've driven on 94 oct for last 7 years but now gas is getting to be a little too expensive in my area. Im wanting to back down to 91, what should I change in my map? my mods are I/H/E/intake manifold. Im thinking stepping down ignition slightly across...
  3. Help, base model RSX calls for premium octane fuel

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    As stated, my 06 "base" RSX calls for premium fuel but as far as I can tell the only mods on it are a type S exhaust, cold air intake and type S badge(adds 40 horsepower). As you have probably guessed I'm not the original owner. Also hearing a few noises I don't like for instance when I'm...
  4. Octane Q but not what you think

    General Discussion EP3
    So ik there was a big fight over 91 octane vs 87 but this is a little different, Could switching between 87 and 89 octane gas possibly cause a check engine light? It seems like when i go a few weeks on just 87 (:weeeeeeeeee: gas prices) it goes away...any correlation? :wait:
  5. help high octane calibration k-pro

    ECU Tuning EP3
    I want to load the k20a3 calibration for high octane with kpro.I have a 04ep3 has I/e, stock motor. Is it safe for me to do this ? I know I can load the factory calibration, also... I read the high octane one was tuned on 91, can I use 93 or should it be 91 ??:confused:
  6. Octane blue racing hart c5

    Wheels & Tires RSX
    Seeing if there's any interest for these before I rebuild them. I had them refinished at the beginning of the year in octane blue pearl which is from the newer lancers. Current Lips have been polished Sizing on them is 17x7.5 +44 so making these 17x9 would put them at about +26 Price would be...
  7. 93 octane gas instead of regular 91 premium gas

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    like the title says i accidentally put 93 octane ultra gas in my car when it was near empty instead of putting 91 octane premium fuel which is what i normally put in...will this hurt my car at all?
  8. Gas station's with 94 Octane

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey Gents! was hoping someone can help me out. Does anyone know of a list or something that would show where all the gas stations in the US that Carry 94 Octane? I have a buddy of mine from Canada who wants to visit, but his car has a JDM ECU and is mapped for 94octane. would make things easier...
  9. Blending E98 with 91 octane

    All Motor RSX
    I've been researching blending e85 with 91 octane. I was thinking about running a 40.0% ethanol mix. Mix 4 gallons e85 and 6 gallons 91 octane = 95.4 octane average. My question is would I have to upgrade my fuel pump and lines for this 27% ethanol mix. Current setup is high compression...
  10. Caffeine & Octane Car Meet first sunday of every month

    The Great State of Georgia
    Where: check the website cause the location changes Time: 8am-11am Date: Every first Sunday What shows up: 500+ cars; (Lambos, old muscle cars, A LOT of NSXs, SUBIs, S2Ks, Supras, etc and ONE RSX (myself)) Just wanted to let everyone know and see who might...
  11. 93 Octane in Northeast?

    North East
    So I'm planning a trip and was wondering what you guys know about the availability of 93 octane in this area. I'd like to not have to tune for 91 just because of a trip!! NJ: Yes NY: Yes MA: Yes CT: Yes - woolley RI: ?? NH: Yes ME: No - stitorsx + personal experience VT: ?? Thanks!
  12. K-Pro stock tuned 91 octane calibration

    General RSX Discussion
    So I know this is an ECU question but I havent been able to get any answers over there yet. I bought a k-proed PNF ECU to put in my 03 base and on the Hondata forums he said I will probably lose power because I wont have AIB control. Meaning? Im assuming its related to the intake runner control...
  13. F.S. Phoenix Gold Octane R Speakers

    Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    I have a pair of mid range Phoenix Gold Octane R 6.5" speakers. Only opened to test fit them on my car. I got these from my uncle and been sitting in my room for a while. $70 shipped 70 watt 2 way channel 140 watt peak also comes with tweeters
  14. 89 Mid-Grade Octane

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So today I accidently put about 3/4 tank full of 89 Mid-Grade gas. Should I be worrying? It has about 45% gas left Should I put Premium 91, gas on it right away, or just wait for it to get almost empty then put premium gas? I'm just glad I didnt put regular gas though P.S. Glad to be part...
  15. 93 Octane on a stock RSX... good idea?

    General RSX Discussion
    Dear guys, I was just wondering if this would cause damage and if it's any use doing it, performance-wise and mpg-wise on my RSX-S? I just have a place by my house that's only a nickle more for 93 octane, considering that's the case, if it was any benefit at all, I could use it every time I...
  16. What Octane are you all running on?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    i was running 87 octane, but after a trip to the shop i was told the K&N short ram is running my fuel lean and that i should prob upgrade fuel to at least 89 plus.. now i know when i reflash ill have to go premium, so should i go ahead and just suck it up and run premium now or will the 89 do...
  17. Alpinestars Octane Jacket (Blue - size 40)

    For Sale 120 + willing to ship Used a handfull of times. Shows no signs of damage. I dont have pictures yet but feel free to reach out to me and i can get pix. Missing inner vest lining though i recommend emailing me @...
  18. Which octane?

    All Motor EP3
    I have searched and searched for a discussion on this but found nothing. I am either terrible at searching or, well, this hasn't been discussed. For a stock si (02-05) does the octane of the gas really matter? My first fill up was with 87. Reading through the owners manual I read something that...
  19. Flanz: Full-Race GT35R, stock-sleeve K20Z1, 93 octane = 570whp @ 23psi

    Turbo RSX
    Hello all, Today, I had the pleasure of tuning Dave (Flanz)'s car again today. As I'm sure most of you know, Dave had some troubles with the last setup that was on his car, and was looking to find something that controlled boost pressure more consistently and predictably (a.k.a. properly), so...
  20. Jet Pep 92 octane fuel cheap, but worth it?

    General RSX Discussion
    For the past year, I've always used Chevron "premium" 93 octane fuel. Now it's getting so high I can't afford it. I'm paying $3 bucks now, and everytime I go lately, it's up another few cents. Analysts say regular will be up to $3 by the summer, which will make premium $3.50, and that will mean...