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  1. General RSX Discussion He said since I had a base model it would be even, no cash on top.. what do you think CRSX?
  2. Auto Talk
    Only 500 are to be made. highlights: So basically a z06 with zr-1 breaks/suspension/tires and some light weight carbon elements to keep low weight. Will still retain the lighter weight LS7 engine instead of the LS9 supercharged 6.2 litre motor found in the zr-1. UPDATE: Apparently the...
  3. General RSX Discussion
    Maybe a base RSX? Just wondered if the RSX was ever sold in North America without a sunroof?
  4. General RSX Discussion
    whoah, Guess I wont be jumping into an accord coupe after all even though they can be had below invoice. It's tough all over unless you have the cash and a secure job which not alot of people have these days- at least not me. Time for a few mods I suppose. Car is basically stock with a CAI
  5. Turbo RSX
    Does anyone know what is included in the rev hard kit? I've done research but i haven't found anything too descriptive. what i wanted to know that on the rev hard kit is listed to have Hondata Kpro does the kit come with the actual kpro or just a reflash?
  6. General RSX Discussion
    If a random guy came up to you and offered you a brand new Greddy Turbo kit with fmic or a brand new JRSC kit(any size pulley) for your RSX, which 1 would you take?? And you only can get 1.. :) :D And btw, assuming that you already have k-pro..... So e-manage/power card is not applicable...
  7. Exterior Mods RSX
    Like the title said.... i got offered this hood... its a pretty good deal but i'm not sure how it would look on my silver RSX. I have the C-west full body kit on it and i kinda like the clean, all one color look. I also have the JDM c/f rear wing on the back where the sides are painted silver...
  8. Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey guys, I'm looking into getting the OEM body kit so I decided just for the hell of it to annoy the dealership and ask them what they'd sell me one for. The parts guy that I spoke to told me he'd sell it to me for $935..thats for the front, side, and rear. I was like wow...this is a pretty...
1-8 of 8 Results