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  1. Where to buy k24a2 online

    K-Series Swaps
    I have searched, but can’t really find any reliable places online that you guys have purchased engines from? I would rather find in person, but afraid I don’t have the time to wait to find one. Preferably with lower miles, I just don’t know where to start as far as online, as I would have to go...
  2. Best Online E-tuners

    ECU Tuning RSX
    I`m trying to find a online tuner to tune my car. Any suggestions? thanks

    ECU Tuning RSX
    So when I plug my KPRO into the laptop while connectected to the car I get ONLINE, DRIVERS ON, IGNITION OFF on the bottom left when I have the key on two. The car cranks all day with no problems, just doesn't turn over. I have no spark in the spark plugs. Grounds are good, plugs good, coils...
  4. Best Place Online To Buy Parts?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey, i just recently purchases a 2003 Acura RSX-s Completely stock, and i would like to buy a few things for my car, (Header, Exhaust, Rotors, etc.), but i dont know where the best place to find these parts are... If someone could please tell me where you usually get your parts on the internet...
  5. Any online shops sell OEM front bumpers?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Does anyone know of any online shops that would sell OEM front bumpers or where I would be best trying to look for one? I've only ever purchased aftermarket parts but as my front bumper is coming off (clips etc broken) I'm trying to hunt down an OEM Type R front bumper - I've checked eBay and...
  6. Watch fantastic four 2015 Online...

    General Discussion EP3
    Watch fantastic four 2015 Online...Watch fantastic four 2015 Online... Watch Sinister 2 Online Watch American Ultra Online Watch Agent 47 Online Watch Grandma 2015 Online Watch 6 Years 2015 Online Watch SummerSlam 2015 Online
  7. Can someone help me locate this part online?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    After changing my thermostat and flushing coolant I find there is a leak in this hose. I found a diagram on google image as listed. I think it's number 7 what I'm looking for. I went to autozone to see if they carry this but they don't. Can I use the "cut to fit" hose for this or do I have to...
  8. DFW Map Rally online registration is open

    Registration for the DFW Map Rally is open now at The event will be held on Saturday, August 16, starting in McKinney. After a 3-hour drive in the country, the event will end in Wylie. Along the way you will visit 12 specific locations...but you must choose the route, and...
  9. Missing Lock Key, Need Help Finding Online

    Problems & Solutions RSX Hello all, I have an 06 RSX Type S and just realized that my aftermarket XXR rims come with lock nuts but the car didn't come with the lock key =/. Need the tire off for maintenance work. If anyone can please help me find...
  10. Elder Scrolls Online

    Video Games
    Release date confirmed. I signed up for the X1 beta. so hopefully I get in. I think the game will flop, but never know. I don't like the idea of a game like this being an MMO but never know. Anyone else going to give it a try? It seems more of a PC game so if I do probably will on there...
  11. Shroud of the Avatar (Ultima Online Successor)

    Video Games
    I don't know if anyone ever played Ultima Online, but Richard Garriott is coming out with a new game called Shroud of the Avatar This is a full on RPG more than anything else. The storyline is the main driving factor in this game. There is no grinding. There is no quest markers or waypoints or...
  12. GTA 5 Thread - Part 2 - Getting ganked online ftl.

    Video Games
    New thread, since the old one got locked. Thinking I might not rely on wifi for this anymore. Signal in my house is spotty because it's made of lead bricks, apparently. Tags forum name gamer tag system --------------------------------------------------------------...
  13. online performance shops

    General RSX Discussion
    anyone here know where i can get greddy exhaust system for my base 06 rsx? so far i only know andy's auto sport, but id like to know if there's other performance shops that sells exhaust systems for my car.
  14. Reputable Online Dealer?

    Auto Talk
    I don't know if this online dealer is directly associated with Hardrace or not. Has anyone done legitimate business with this online website? I emailed them to ask them if I can buy one engine mount, not a set, and they want to use Pay Pal. This made me skeptical.
  15. hey guys, i found an a-spec front lip online

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey guys I came across this and saw that it's an a-spec front lip. Well looks like one. I'm wondering if it really is...
  16. good online store

    General Discussion EP3
    im looking to buy the buddy club spec 3 exhaust and was wondering what a good online store is that would sell buddy club products
  17. DBO: DragonBall Online

    Video Games
    Who has heard of this? I've heard about it a looooong time ago, like 3 years ago. The Beta is out, found the site, this is an MMO. I'm looking at it and love the look. Who would be willing to get on the Beta for this? (2009 Trailer when I got excited for this game. Didn't...
  18. Online Vendors

    General RSX Discussion
    Pretty new to having my RSX and Im wondering if there are any online vendors that have decent prices on parts and good customer service.. Currently Im using and havent had an issue. I got my Comp stage 2 and my flywheel for about $600 shipped. I just see a lot of stuff that...
  19. UK Honda dealership w/ online parts dept

    General Discussion EP3 If this hasnt been posted on this forum yet, here's an excellent source for oem CTR parts. Certain parts will be cheaper like FLOORMATS. I paid $120 shipped ffor a full set of OEM LHD EP3R mats. Bigger parts like bumpers...
  20. Limited online access stresses Sailors at sea (ROFL! wtf)

    Today's Sailors = rotten bunch of whiners. Stressed because no internet? Lines are too long to use the computer? boo fucking hoo. Try living aboard ship back in the day, hoping and praying the COD arrives with the much anticipated mail-call. You also had to WAIT to get off the ship to make a...