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  1. Help W/ Door Not Opening From Inside

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Here's a video showing what I see: I was replacing both my actuators due to an irritating noise every time I lock/unlock it. I broke one of the door clips(yellow) in the process but immediately replaced it. Everything is identical to my passenger door...
  2. Door not opening

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    My driver side door will not open from the inside. I always have to lower the window and open it from the outside. I already tried taking the panel off and making sure the hook latch thing is inside the plastic connected to the handle and it doesnt want to stay in. But even when it is in there...
  3. No vacuum when opening gas cap?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Stock, base '06 MT I was wondering if I might have a leak in the evap system.. I don't feel or hear any vacuum when i open the gas cap to refuel. Gas cap is fine. I tried opening the gas cap when idling and the rpms seem to drop off to 400 rpms, stutters then shoots up to 900 then to 700 and...
  4. Sunroof vibrates while opening

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Hey all, this is my first post on clubrsx. i've been browsing clubrsx since 2005, finally made an account to join the community and start posting. I was wondering if anyone was having the same problem. I have searched google and this site until i have gotten to the weird parts lol. Please read...
  5. Opening Tail Lights

    Exterior Mods RSX
    As most of us have dealt with, my stock tail lights had water in them when I bought my car. I've since dried them out and put new gaskets on them. I was wondering if anyone has opened their tail lights? If so how did you go about it. I want to basically open them (without chipping the...
  6. Hood not opening

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi I'm having problems with my good. It's not the latch (I don't think it is) because I looked into the gap and see that I have cleared it of the hook that holds it down. My hood release on the inside has no tension so I'm thinking it is the cable. Is there anyway to get my hood open? I tried...
  7. TW: RRC Manifold 74mm opening

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  8. Event Coverage: D3 Performance Grand Opening

    Member Show-Off RSX
    My personal coverage, great turnout guys. Looking forward to doing business with ya'll in the near future.
  9. "Need Powder Coating" grand opening meet Sunday 8/18/13

    North East
    "Need Powder Coating" has moved to a new larger location and will be having an event with cars, food and music. What: Celebrating new shop & also raffling a boosted Honda S2000 ($250 per ticket / minimum 60 tickets , maximum 100 tickets) When: August 18th, 2013 12pm-6pm Where: 27 Libella Ct...
  10. Apex motorsport grand opening meet

    Northern Cali
    first 500 people will receive a raffle ticket to win: 1x set of Drag wheels, multiple set of lug nuts, shift knobs, nrg hub, nrg quick release, nrg steering wheel, function form LCAs, function form lug nuts, T-Shirt and much more. come out to apex motor sport grand opening meet in norcal...
  11. 2003 rsx rear hatch not opening

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Have gone inside the car removed the little piece of plastic and have manually moved the white hook like thing to each side but when I get out of the car to open the hatch it still does not open. The little white hook thing moves back and forth with the key fob also but hatch still does not...
  12. new Dyno shop Grand opening. Orlando

    Hey guys/gals!! My real good friend is opening a Dyno shop in Orlando. well Oviedo actually, but close enough to orlando. :D The date will be January 13th. There will be a huge turn out. Groups like Slam District, V2lab, I love driving slow, Highway Garage, Lowered Lifestyle, Mazda Movement...
  13. Please delete!

    Please delete thread!
  14. Grand Opening Tap-X bonita Rd! this saturday! 21 Jul 2012

    Southern Cali
    What: Tap-X Grand Opening When: Saturday 21 July 2012 Time: 7pm Where: Tap-X Bonita Rd 4366 Bonita Road, Chula Vista CA 91910 for those asking what tapX is hahaha
  15. 2012 Season Opening CDC Autocross SATurday March 17th and TNT SUNday March 18th

    Mid Atlantic
    SATurday March 17th Autocross Harry Grove Stadium, Frederick, MD is the location of the CDC 2012 season opening autocross on SATURDAY March 17th. We will also have a Test and Tune SUNDAY March 18th. Registration and tech inspection will be at 8:00 and will promptly close at 8:45 to try to...
  16. Fs: Ported RBC manifold flows 349cfm 70mm tb opening

    Engine & Transmission RSX
  17. Demonwerkz Grand Opening 1/29/12

    Southern Cali
    DATE CHANGED TO THE 29TH Shop : Demonwerkz Address : 12810 Nutwood Ave Garden Grove CA 92840 When : January 29, 2012 Time : 11AM-5PM Demonwerkz specializes in engine rebuilds, swaps, turbo installs, maintenance, suspension and whatever you may need. Come check out our new facility and kick...
  18. JerryBuilt Racing Grand Opening Event

    Southern Cali
    Visit us at
  19. OCs Finest Food Trucks x Cafe Mystic GRAND OPENING 8/5

    Southern Cali
    Meet and Greet For all my fella's out there that haven't gotten the chance to goto a vietnamese cafe shop like the infamous Cafe Lu (search them up on fb and you will know what i'm talking about) Than this is your chance to come out to my friends Cafe Mystic GRAND OPENING Ladies are welcome...
  20. Help Problem Opening passenger Door

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    My Locks come up but my passenger door wont open from the inside. How do i fix?