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  1. Opinions? New owner need help!!!

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi guys I just recently bought a 05 Type-S with 140k miles. The car still has the original transmission fluid and never had it changed. I'm planning to go to an Acura dealership and have them give the car a transmission fluid flush but I heard that it could do more damage to the transmission...
  2. Need opinions

    Interior Mods RSX
    I have an 02 base rsx with the tan interior and I was looking into getting some red seats but idk how that would complement the rest of the interior. What do u guys think?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Opinions?

    New Member Introduction RSX
    i’m new to the forums, but i just want some opinions on my car.
  4. '03 Type-S that needs a new cat. Opinions on OEM vs. aftermarket?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi folks, I have an '03 Type-S and the flanges on the cat are rusted and borked. It's already been macgyver'd once and it's past saving at this point. I'm in Massachusetts, so a cat is mandatory even if the car is exempt from thorough emissions testing during inspections. Any...
  5. Any opinions on a new Catalytic Converter

    The DIY Garage RSX
    My 02 Type-S has started throwing code for "inefficient Catalytic Converter". ebay has complete replacement including gaskets and hardware for around $120.00. Other than the bolts being welded in due to 16 years of heating up and cooling down, O2 sensor etc., is there any opinions on a...
  6. Enkei TX5 wheels: opinions?

    Wheels & Tires
    Anyone have any opinions of the Enkei TX5? Would anyone have any pictures of these wheels on their RSX? Thanks.
  7. Opinions, new tail lights

    Member Show-Off RSX
    I don think I care for them to much, best looking ones I could find on amazon, I prefer stock but these definitely look better than the worn out ones that were on it when I bought it 2 weeks ago. Looks good at night though. I know there is a bulb out in each light. Looks kind of ricey, what’s do...
  8. Opinions on VLEDS?

    Lighting RSX
    anybody running any of their LED kits?
  9. Opinions on k-tuned clutch master and slave cylinder????

    Forum Threads
    Has anyone ever used a k-tuned clutch master and slave cylinder?? And how easy is it to install? Been looking into it for my rsx type s. so any reviews would help. Appreciate it guys!
  10. K20a3 noise. opinions pls

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey. Im basically new to k series. I bought a rsx base (k20a3) with a knocking (ticking) sound almost as loud noise as the one on the video link below It does not feels like it looses power. Is just noisy. The person the I bought it from used the car loke this for over a month and never...
  11. Opinions on my main bearing clearances

    Engine Building & Design
    Hello all. I took a bit of time a couple nights ago to double check my clearances I was getting on my mains in my rebuild. I used the block and crank codes to get my colors and bought all brand new oem bearings. My plan for the motor is going to be a high compression N/A motor with high lift...
  12. Opinions on nrh3 transmission condition..

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Bought this 5spd nrh3 transmission for 250$ expecting to rebuild it and use it in my JRSC Rsx, sense my 6speed transmission 2nd gear is gone. Was told it only had 80k, shifts like butter, blah blah blah. How do things look to some more experienced people? Don't want to replace parts if it...
  13. Needs some opinions on wheels....

    Wheels & Tires
    So I ordered ESR SR05 18x8.5 +30 5x144.3...get an email this morning from the company telling me they don't have them in stock...which is horse shit so I'm making them refund me 900. But, I found pretty much the same wheel...STR 601's. Anyone have any experience with these reps? And the top...
  14. Opinions on jdm exhaust!

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Ive got a fujitsubo power getter catback with a "jasma" stamp on it, i was wondering what people would normally pay for one in decent condition? I love the sound it puts out but im looking for a 3" cat back now, the fujitsubo is 2.5" Condition is decent, has a dent or 2 and some scrapage...
  15. need opinions

    Member Show-Off RSX
    I was going to post this in general, but the site wont allow me, so if it needs to be moved, please do so. I bought wheels several years ago for my Honda accord. I woke up this morning and found my tire was flat, so i grabbed my m wheels weapons. Their 19" not sold anymore. I know they raised up...
  16. need new front look, need opinions ideas Help!

    General Discussion EP3
    my hfp front lip is cracked on 1 corner, the bumper is done. I need to get new ones, so this is a great opportunity to improve the look on my ep3 04 What should I do??? 1. fix the hfp lip and just replace the bumper paint and call it a day?? cheapest 2. mugen front lip and jdm bumper...
  17. New from canada, need honest opinions!

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi everyone!! Ok so I live in British Columbia and travel a lot. 2003 Rsx with 463,×××km on her...... Needs a new transmission, no question, rebuilt once at 180,×××km, and 25k km ago the tranny shot something through the casing from inside, creating a quarter sized hole. Its been plugged and...
  18. wheel opinions and help

    Wheels & Tires EP3
    Hey im wondering what will i have to do to get a 17x8 +30 wheel fit ? Im pretty sure a fender roll is necessary do i need negative camber as well ?if yes how much ? And would the wheels fit fine with stretched tires or will i still need to do all that ? Right now i have 16x7 +45 and the car is...
  19. Want opinions before I drop the cash

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hello RSX enthusiasts! I purchased a 100% stock '04 Type S with 40k miles about six months ago and after much contemplation I have decided to beef it up a little. First off I cant even express how helpful this forum has been and am blown away by the mass amounts of knowledge and info I've found...
  20. Exhaust OPINIONS

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    What's up guys well I'm looking for a new exhaust. I currently have an apexi n1 but it's too loud for me! What other exhausts are good ? Any opinion is appreciated thank you