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  1. 06 Clutch master cylinder options ?

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Just in case i ever need to replace my clutch master cylinder, other than the oem for the 06, which others would work ? I have seen prices from $195, to $35... lol Thank you.
  2. Header options for base

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I have the skunk2 megapower exhaust. I am trying to see what is the best headers to go with it.
  3. Type-S Exhaust options WITH Cat

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hi All, Yes, I am sure this has been discussed before, but perhaps not my exact questions... I have spent some time searching and pretty much expect the general answer to be “Don’t Do It, Save Your Money.” But here it goes anyway: I have an 05 Type-S with 190k KMs on it. No mods except for...
  4. Damaged OEM muffler - replacement options

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    PO took my car on a bit of off-roading and the muffler is dented and scraped all down the catback. I'm looking for a replacement cat-back exhaust. I read that the OEM piping for the 05 RSX-S is 57mm. I'm looking at the 60mm Apexi WS2 because I like how it sounds on my other Hondas. I'd pick up...
  5. Clutch and flywheel options

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Trying to get some input from people who have experience with k20a3 motors that have a JRSC, street or race and are looking to upgrade their clutch. This is actually for my EP3 but I can't seem to get any real input or response, mainly due to the limited year of the car and that there isn't...
  6. EQ Mounting Options

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Will be mounting an EQ if I can find a stealth location. Any ideas?
  7. Catalytic converter options

    Forum Threads
    I am a new owner of 2003 Si , I love Her, it needs a new cat, what are thoughts on OEM stock vs High flow? does it help it run smoother? does it help or hurt in any way? any info is apprieciated
  8. Question on cam options for my k24a2/k20z1 build

    All Motor RSX
    I am in the process of building my first k24/k20 build. I have a question on my cam options I can go with. Will I run into valve to piston problems? I intrested in getting the skunk2 stg.2 Cams. My build info: K20z1 head with Supertech springs upgrade 05 TSX k24a2 block with Supertech 12.5:1...
  9. Canadian Seat Options

    Canada RSX
    Hey guys, need some help. Did the 05-06 Cloth seats have a heated option? I'm picking up a set for my 02 and I just wanted to make sure. Looking online I see that Cloth didn't come with the heated option in the 02-04 model but can't find a definitive answer for 05-06. Thanks in advance!
  10. 2.5" oem muffler options??

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Going to be building a custom exhaust for my rsx this spring, i need a little more flow than the 03 type s catback provides. its not a race car and im not interested in maximum power, so ill gladly loose a few ponies for a bit quieter setup. Im thinking of using an oem muffler thats 2.5"...
  11. steering wheel options

    Interior Mods RSX
    yes i know, i need to find the 'search' button and do my homework. but given how seemingly common it is for these wheels to completely deteriorate, i was actually hoping for a concise guide on the options... i attempted to read the almost 300 posts on the sticky, but gave up after the 5th page...
  12. HKS Parts | Live Inventory! | Free Shipping! | Payment Options!

    K Series Parts
    HKS makes high-end exhaust, electronic, turbo, and intake parts for your RSX. Plus It's JDM yo Link To HKS Parts @
  13. TB cruise control options

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    So I've read that hybrid racing no longer makes the TB's with cruise control. My question is, is there any other option or modification that can be done to keep cruise control on an aftermarket TB. Such as swapping the throttle knob?
  14. Timing Chain Options??

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, so my motor jumped timing this morning, so i will be needing to replace my timing chain and its components. I have a few questions regarding this. 1. Are timing chain kits such as this one okay? 2. Is it best to...
  15. A3 rings finally gave out... Looking at options...

    Engine Building & Design
    Mods- please delete
  16. Any supercharger options left out there?

    Supercharging RSX
    I've recently begun thinking about getting a supercharger for my RSX. However, as far as I can tell the Jackson Racing Supercharger is no longer sold and the Comptech one is not road legal. Are there any other options that I don't know of?
  17. RSX at the end of her life, options?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Got an older 02 Type-S that is on the end of her life. We got several lights and several problems, most recently being the alternator pulley getting seized after being stored for 5 months over winter. Not expecting to get much out of her from a sale, what are my options? Im thinking scrap yard...
  18. Mystery noise/rattle 2500- 3500 rpm... Running out of options

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    High pitched whining noise everyone has been complaining about, starts at 2000 and goes up to 3500, but really comes to full annoyonce at 3k. It does not occur in neutral, only while in gear during normal acceleration (quietly under slight acceleration and not at all when smashing the gas). I...
  19. Front Lower Control Arm options? Dc5 vs Rsx

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I've noticed that the control arms on the DC5 are made from Aluminum and the RSX is made from Steel. I'm wondering if the Aluminum ones are lighter then the steel ones and if it would be a OEM type of fit or if I would need to get other supporting parts. I've done the preliminary search on this...
  20. Idler pulley options

    Engine Building & Design
    anybody know if any other options that work well. I had the ktuned pulley but the teeth ended up wearing out.