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  1. needsmoreLOW owns a new car with moreLOW.

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Sup Fellas!:laughing: I rarely post, but decided to give my car some play time. Nothing too special, Blah blah Battles, RSX.. Wheels will most likely be sold and move on to something better.. Photos were courtesy of: Gus R. Photography...
  2. Guy without fingers owns in tekken

    Video Games!
  3. Delete me

    Acura TSX
    Thanx :)
  4. North NJ Meets *CHAT* Summer Edition, Nobody Owns an RSX :mam:

    North East
    :dontknow: Whos left? Only a couple with RSX's...
  5. Autocomplete owns me...

    Computer Tech
    Occasionally I'll fat finger the wrong key and end up at one of those fake search engine sites instead of the site I intended on reaching and the next time I try to hit the site, I'll habitually let autocomplete fill in the website name and end up right back at that fake search engine site...
  6. Who owns an S2000...

    Canada East
    and contacted me for wheels...please PM me! i lost your number!!
  7. Simple Green Owns Here's Proof!

    The Lounge
    Today was my first day out on the road promoting and selling Simple Green. It was a blast i arrived at the Borgata Casino at 8am and lost some money then we went to the Atlantic City Convention Center to do a show and I did pretty damn good so I'm going on the road again next week to NYC!! for...
  8. HTML owns me!

    Computer Tech
    I am trying to re-name the link to my show off thread to my car and put it in my sig but cant figure out the href and<> crap, here is the link. can anyone help?
  9. 3 stage color owns what?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    So here is the basic story. I got a new rear bumper w/ a-spec lip along with 05-06 sides and had them painted by the paint code and the digit in 10th place of the VIN. They came out more white than pearl, and don't match the rest of the car. See pics. The guy that painted it is a friend of...
  10. Tsuchiya owns a s2k driving an civic type r

    Civic Type-R vs. S2K awesome video
  11. Looking for who owns this 02' RSX-S (JDM?)

    While looking on autotrader seeing any Type S for sale I stumble across this. 02' Type-S with 4,900 miles for $17k. In case you can't see the link here is the pics. Now who's the fellow who owns this car? Hoping I can read the project log.
  12. who owns a gt-I type wing?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I was hoping if you could answer my question, are those side flaps on them removable?