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  1. The DIY Garage RSX
    Tried to replace actuator, accidentally broke the plastic clip that holds gold rod to the door lock actuator (not the handle side). Anyone know the P/N? I check acurapartwarehouse and oemacuraparts diagrams but didnt see it. My closest acura dealer is 45 minutes away. Trying to see if I can...
  2. Suspension & Brakes RSX
    I ordered this part thinking I would need it to replace the metal bearing. Plastic OEM upper strut bearing. Use Honda P/N 51726-S5A-004
  3. Exterior & Interior RSX
    I have the 05-06 OPDS unit from when I swapped 05-06 seats into my 2002 type S; Make me an offer. Part Number is: 81161-S6M-A01 It's number 19 on this diagram for $400.56...
  4. Engine & Transmission RSX
    SOLD Name: Brandon Davis Location: Clarksburg, WV Contact: Via PM Price: $110 shipped in the lower 48 via USPS Priority(2-3 day) Payment: Paypal or Money Order I have a used, but excellent condition wideband o2 sensor for sale. It is a Bosch brand sensor, part # 13680. This is the primary...
  5. Wheels & Tires
    I want to buy 2pairs of Hubcentric H&R 25 mm Spacers. is this the right P/N 5065640 ????????? H&R 25MM Wheel Spacers DRM of if any1 have them for sell , pm me
  6. Engine & Transmission RSX
    5 sealed OEM Honda oil filters. I bought a case for my '02 RSX S-Type that I no longer own. Found these in the basement and need them gone. Asking $20 shipped for the whole set. Please email me if interested. [email protected]
  7. Problems & Solutions RSX
    EDIT: Thanks for the input, I took off the header heat shield as well so for right now I'm running with only the intermediate shaft heat shield. Car sounds and runs great but I still get a rattle/tapping/clanging if I'm starting in first and accidentally let the engine really bog down (like...
  8. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Anyone know the part number for the rubber stopper piece that the clutch pedal hits? or if a part # even exists? It's a plug in piece that screws into the firewall. You can probably find at a home depot/lowes but i am too lazy to go find the right size.
  9. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Anyone know the part number for the OEM clutch disk for a Type-S? Del Ray Acura has a bunch for different years, and they all say not for type-S....
  10. Exterior Mods RSX
    ok. I need to order a new Drivers side Under body side skirt. what is the p/n for that?? Is it sold as "Pairs" or, can I purchase Left/Right seperately? I found 2 listings.. SPOILER, RR. UNDER ( ARCTIC BLUE PEARL ) 2003 RSX 320.00 256.00 SPOILER, SIDE UNDER ( ARCTIC BLUE PEARL ) 2003 RSX...
  11. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    i notice a tiny hole on one of the boots for the rear brake. i think i twisted it too much when bending the caliper up too much and stressing the boot i need to know the P/N so i can order it
  12. Auto X & Road Racing
    i was suggested by Koni to get the race inserts instead of revalving the yellows for cost saving reasons. original is 8610 1415Sport in the catalog, i see 8610-1436 Race and 8610-1437 Race. Part Number Stroke Max L Min L A D Stroke Max L Min L A D 8610-1436 Race 143mm...
  13. General RSX Discussion
    These are the OEM filters made by Filtech. The ones with the P/N 15400-PLM-A02 are made by Fram, and they suck. Last time, I bought a set of 5 of the Filtech ones, and now I'm out. I've checked online, emailed a few online Honda/Acura dealers, and checked ebay with no luck. Anyone know where to...
  14. JDM Only RSX
    Hey guys, I wasn't sure where to post this, but I need to know a few part numbers for some DC5 Type R parts. I mainly need to know the following: DC5 Type R CAMS DC5 Type R Pistons DC5 Type R 4-2 & 2-1 Header -> Cat DC5 Type R Valve Cover RBC Manifold HAMP Oil Filter I happen to know a guy...
  15. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hey guys, Just curious, I looked up the 2003 Type-S on NGK's website they it told me that this part number: IFR7G-11KS was the correct NGK iridium plug to be using in my car. I just wanted to corroborate this with you guys to double check and make sure it's what all of you are using. Thanks.
  16. Turbo RSX
    Aeromotive regulator questions.... Right now, I'm in the middle of a rebuild on my car. There was nothing wrong with it in the first place, but I felt that it could be made a lot more efficient. I got rid of my 550cc injectors, FMU, inline pump, and stock pump. I'm hooking up some 750cc...
  17. Exterior Mods RSX
    My relay got flooded with water and is no longer working. Anybody know where I can get another one that fits the XD connector? I'll try my electrical engineering skills out and dissect it in the meantime. -Ben
1-17 of 18 Results