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  1. West Coast EP3
    Well its that time again for a lot of car meets packed in a row my new wheels came on Friday, tires should be here tomorrow, so I will have my new wheel and tire set up in time. Just looking to get a headcount to see if we should meet up at the good ole fatburger in Federal Way. Meet up time...
  2. Northern Cali
    Meet tonight guys! Be there! Check 209 thread or post here! 8 o'clock sharp!
  3. Member Show-Off EP3
    MK1 mitsubishi montero 2.6L. circa 1987. word.
  4. West Coast EP3
    new chat thread. :beerchug: yeah, def has a european feel to it but the food is berry derricous.
  5. West
    DATE IS NOW OFFICIALLY MAY 1st ! ocation will be at Pacific Raceways in Kent! . There will be security so for you dumb asses who dont follow the rules and are a danger to kids/people around you will be forced to leave. THERE IS A $3 DOLLAR CHARGE @ the door PER...
  6. West Coast EP3
    Hey guys, does anybody know any good import race shops in the Pacific Northwest? Thanks guys
  7. Canada East
    I know its pretty common sense that anything bought from Pacific mall has a "buyer beware" tag on it, but I just wanted to share my bad experience with a cell phone purchased from Telephone Store. Last year July 2008, I purchased a blackberry for my gf. It randomly wouldn't turn on one day in...
  8. Canada East
    So today, i was playin SF4 for like 30 min n turned it off, and an hour later i wanted to start playing again and the stupid red lights came on (stupid piece of microsoft garbage:firemad:) so i was just wondering does anyone know if pmall knows how to repair it? or do u have to send it back to...
  9. West Coast EP3
    so i need to fix my piping before getting my suspension because the dipshits who did it made it hang too low from the midpipe heatshield. does anyone from the northwest know any good shops around?
  10. Canada East
    Man gun shot inside Pacific Mall's cell phone store!!! Man gun shot inside Pacific Mall's cell phone store :noes: :noes:
  11. Canada West
    I've decided to take the car into Pacific Honda for maintenance for the first time. When I pick up the car I find out one side of my HID's seized to work. Mind you, they were working just fine right up to the moment I've brought them in. They've been working for a year and a half and it can't be...
1-11 of 25 Results