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  1. Photography
    it comes in today from adorama. 175 shipped. pp gift. brand new printer. includes 50 pack of canon semi gloss paper. it's big.. and heavy.
  2. The DIY Garage RSX
    So this isn't needed as much for the RSX but I've had to make my own gasket many times in cases of emergency or price or patience... In my case now I pulled apart my supercharger and some of the gaskets didn't come off without breaking. So now I was left to make my own gaskets. Its very simple...
  3. Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    these gaskets have been sitting in my garage forever...just seeing if anyone needs them. Brand new. Gasket Part Numbers: 1. 052-179 2. 051-528 3. 051-529 4. 051-526 ill have a pic up in a little while lmk these are for a SC62
  4. Member Show-Off RSX
    *12/1/09 New wheels again :tisk: update I've been reading on this forum for a couple years now, even before i bought a rsx, but i never got the chance to register till now. To start things off.. This is my previous car that i just sold. 2003 Nissan 350z Track I replaced or downgraded to this...
  5. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Sup guys, Im thinking about selling my 95 Integra want to see what I can get for it. Im not 100% solid on selling it realy looking to see what offers I get. If its good enough it may be yours. My asking price is 3500 pretty firm.. (F.Y.I Im tring to buy a 2.5 RS so I wouldent bother offering a...
  6. General RSX Discussion
    if any1 noticed the new Fast n Furious movie coming out in the summer .. vin diesel has grip tape / sand paper on his foot pedals in his muscle car .... thought too my self not a bad idea .... mabye when its rainy out and u get in ur car and foot slips on the clutch ... jus curious on ur guys...
  7. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Brand new, still in wrapping! 35$ shipped OBO :wavey:
  8. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Hey i am getting ready to get a Type S with the factory Bose system and i was just wondering if anyone new if the edge of the speaker is rubber or paper?
  9. The DIY Garage RSX
    Got my mugen lip today and notice that it needs a bit of sanding on the outter edges to make it a smooth fit....Was wondering what sand/grit paper should I use to do this. Lip is made of fiberglass.
  10. General RSX Discussion
    They were doing a feature story on music in the workplace and asked to take my picture listening to music. I have a fullsize mockup of a sticker (that I was using to see how it would look on my car) taped to my monitor. So sunday morning, my picture is almost full width across the...
  11. ECU Tuning RSX
    hey..guys i just ordered my reflash from Club RSX..and paid via paypal. but i got no emails with the paper work.... how do i send my ECU and keys and stuff to Hondata? my email address is correct..i just double checked... and CRSX charged 30 bucks for shipping..via USPS express...
  12. Car Care RSX
    My paint feels grainy like sand paper and I have no idea why. I used Meguiar's Clay Bar back in April and wax my ride like every two weeks with Meguiar's Hi-Tech Yellow Wax and use microfiber.
  13. Turbo RSX
    All right. So I blew up my engine and was going to get a k20a but I figured with the cost of that, why not just rebuild my engine? Well, I figured that would be the best was to go because I do have high hopes of adding on a CyberNation Stage 2 within ½ a year or so. I am just going to totally...
  14. Car Care RSX
    Ok, in attempting to remove my emissions sticker on my integra's windshield thats been on there for longer then needed, I finally bought some Goof Off, Goo Gone and a razor blade. I put a few paper towels in between the dash and the bottom of the windshield so the Goof Off/Goo Gone fluid when...
  15. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    iv decided that i want to put my car in to the Autotrader, but i have no idea how much to set the price. i was thinking 16,500 obo, do u guys think this is to expensive or a little to cheap? my car is a.... -02' SSM rsx-ss with almost 17k miles. mods: - ClubRSX springs - SPC F+R camber kit -...
  16. Exterior Mods RSX
    I'm planning to do my angel eyes this weekend and was wondering which grade sand paper i need to use to take the chrome off before I paint it black.. anyone?