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  1. The DIY Garage RSX
    Well fellas I've been lurking here a while, especially as my '04 is beginning it feel its age. So far I've been paying extra to get OEM parts through I know it's sometimes important to go OEM (like my off-brand gas cap that didn't properly seal), but my wallet is also...
  2. General RSX Discussion
    Click here for more details on SEMA Ignited.
  3. Member Show-Off RSX
    Had a blast at the meet and mad props to the Bartender, U the man!!! Here's my coverage.
  4. Mid West
    Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,856 User Name Posts ODellRsx 320 FurY 232 Koreo 183 rileyra 170 Kingdom 127 naptown 127 JR1de57 110 dagurasu 107 theporschephile 60 yoon 58 JBamin 50 Chris411 49 CarlosSpicyWeiner 47 Rindy 43 TheHills44060 37 TheRickster 36 06RawRsx...
  5. Mid West
    RSlowXS 344 jahong16 267 G8way 231 hick08 189 dabster 148 sunnynotcloudy 140 Silver Knight 139 adio3x 124 CarlosSpicyWeiner 53 SilverS-STL 52 ******** 49 drivelikeyastoleit 45 ADG 14 sh0k 12 mogo 8 Jraymond 7 White95GSR 5 STL_RSX-S 3 itskien 3 Unplugged 3 slostjoe 2 AxelTaylor 2 luvmyhondas 1...
  6. General RSX Discussion
    So I'm looking at a very nice 06 RSX Type-S with 119k mi. on it. Thing is I live in Nevada and the car is out of state, say I were to buy it, what would I need to do? Also any tips on what to look for on the car? Or what to ask before I even go? Thanks ahead! Oh and one more Q, how do I go...
  7. North East
    Going to boston with 2 of my boys for St. Pattys day. We will arrive on thursday of SPD weekend. Looking some advice on where to stay and which pubs/clubs to hit up. We are in early to mid 20s and want to have fun with the same crowd. Any suggestions are appreciated
  8. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I figured this needs it own thread to stay organized. So far we have talked about doing a meet more centralized like Ohio. Basic rough event plans: Drive Meet up, hug or shake hands. Drag race Troll Get smashed Trollololol Crash Have breakfast. Come back and whore the base chat Date: July...
  9. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  10. Member Show-Off RSX
    PantaletteDropper | Ivtec Integ | HellaSausage Party | Ass North & Face South | PWP Had the chance to practice shooting a friend's car, Ivtec integ's rsx Simply one of the cleanest setups around here :) C&C welcomed :D Jerick's DC5 by mendmyacoustic, on Flickr AssShots by mendmyacoustic...
  11. Southern Cali
    So-Cal Summer Daze !!! ------ Entry Per Person $5!!!! Car Show Registration Pre-Register @ or Send to Paypal @ $16 pre --- $20 Day Of Show BIGGER LOT - Show Cars - Industries Top Models - DJ's - Giveaways - Raffles - Contest & More The most fun show of...
  12. Southern Cali
    Meet. Rally. Race. Party. Date: Sept 24th Location: El Toro Airbase Hosted by DC Motors, bbi, OCRC, Targa Trophy MEET: DC MOTORS Premier retailer of exotic and luxury automobiles RALLY: UNDISCLOSED Route to El Toro Marine Base in Irvine, CA RACE: THREE COMPETITIVE MODULES @ OC Race...
1-13 of 72 Results