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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello all! New to this forum. Got my 05 type s a couple months back. I bought it unmodified. Around 194k on it. It's been great, but any time I have more than just my weight in the vehicle (less than 150lbs) I get a severe clunking over bumps, around turns, and even down hills on acceleration...
  2. Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Please pm me or text me if you have one you wouldn't mind selling :pray: 830-370-0679 Condition doesn't matter since I have to restore them anyway.:run: Thanks for looking
  3. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Hey guys I have a OEM passengers side headlight off a 03 RSX Type-S. No broken clips or scratches. Has just a little bit of oxidation but could be cleared up easily. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested, asking $60 OBO.
  4. Exterior & Interior RSX
    If anyone is selling one please pm me with price w/ shipping or when you can meet up. I am in highland california which is 1 hour away from oc and la county and palm desert- pretty much central to everywhere that matters in socal. I have seen a nice rear diffuser i liked that goes well with my...
  5. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Black type S please.
  6. General Discussion EP3
    As the title states what are some of your pet peeves regarding passengers in your car? Here are mine: 1. Passengers that touch the headliner...mofo get your grubby hands off the liner, dont want blemishes on the light gray skyline...sheesh. 2. Passengers who change the radio station and or...
  7. Problems & Solutions RSX
    when i drive over bumps i hear a noise coming from the passengers side wheel. it sounds like somthing is loose but i cant seem to find the problem. i have it dropped on some hochikis lowering springs. anyone out there have an idea on whats going on?
  8. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    We just removed my axles to install new ones and noticed that the passengers side axle bearing (where the two shaft go together ) was worn. Has anyone else had this problem and did they replace with a factory one or were they able to find a HD one?
  9. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    ok me and my cousin tried to install the new drop springs on his 06-rsx... the passengers side front & rear is being a bit*h... i dont know the name of the part that holds the spring on the bottom i think its the spring seat?? idk... so on the passangers side for the front & rear the bottom...
  10. General RSX Discussion
    For some reason they likes to play with the air vents, closing it, open it back and turn it around. Then their stupid knees always in the way when shifting to 5th gear. What else?
  11. Auto Talk
    How many of you have pet peeves or a type of OCD about stuff in your car. For example, I get so annoyed when people play with my vents and if their not straight haha. Or when people adjust my drivers seat if they sit in my car. (haha just realized i spelt passanger when i meant to put passenger...
  12. Exterior Mods RSX
    like in fast n furious, that guy has a PS in his car.... how would u go about to put a game system in ur car? would it be expensive?
1-13 of 16 Results