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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I noticed the hose was being a little restrictive, so I took it off and noticed that the nipple sticking out of the RBC manifold was filled with what I would describe as grimey crisco. WTF????? I am gonna pull the intake and hopefully see through the TB whats all in there. Car is running...
  2. Member Show-Off RSX
    Used my day off on the 4th of July to clean my baby. Products Used: 1.) Clay Bar 2.) Zymol Cleaner Wax (polish) 3.) Poorboy's Natty's Blue Paste Wax 4.) Invisiglass glass cleaner 5.) Meguires Ultimate Shine tire shine I was planning on just throwing the Natty's Blue on there, but I had to...
  3. Car Care RSX
    went to target today and nxt next generation tech wax paste is on sale for 3.99, I was in shock when i saw it for that cheap, original price was 15.99 so go check your local target before its gone. For those few livin in Durham, its the one on chapel hill blvd near sams club.
  4. Car Care RSX
    Im getting all set up on supplies to order from autogeek, but i cannot decide ifi want to go with the paste or lquid version of the NXT wax. What are the pros and cons to each and which will give a better looking/longer lasting shine?
  5. Car Care RSX
    So I applied both after a coat of Klasse AIO on my nbp... and i wasn't impressed. they were put on with a red finishing pad and taken off with a cobra mf. the finish looks sorta gray.. i dont understand! it doesnt look good! I had better results with my pos mothers wax... its like the...
  6. Car Care RSX
    Hi all, Just wanted to drop my opinion on two products I tried out this weekend ... Zaino Fusion Z-PC & S100. By the end of my detail spree, I also used Klasse AIO, Klasse SG. products: Zaino ZPC Got this green bottle from zainobro's websites ... I have Z1 & Z2 .. awesome polishes and...
  7. Car Care RSX
    pinnacle souveran carnuba paste wax... who here has used/tried this wax? it says it is a must for dark colored cars but at $70 for 8 oz, i want to hear your opinions. ive read some over at and got good reviews but would like to hear from you guys. also, before applying the wax...
  8. Car Care RSX
    I noticed that Meguiar's has the new NXT lineup of cleaning stuff, but they have a liquid and a paste form of the NXT Wax. Which is better and/or easiest to use?? How did you like the results??
  9. Car Care RSX
    anyone ever used this it worth it really as good as its price??/
  10. Car Care RSX
    what is better? liquid or paste? i currently use Mequieres Gold class in a liquid. but was looking at the paste. what i want to know is what is better, or what is the diffrence? i did a search and did not find anything so if some car care nut can help me out i would greatly aprieciate it...
  11. Car Care RSX
    for polish....and for wax? which one is better?
1-12 of 12 Results