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  1. Pedal Install Issue

    Interior Mods RSX
    Soooo... ...I installed my strut king pedals this past weekend. Dead pedal, brake and gas all went fine, but the clutch was an issue. I was having trouble with the drill wandering off, so I taped the pedal cover onto the clutch and drilled through the holes. The bottom hole and and the top left...
  2. Heavy Clutch pedal on 06 type s

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I've seen several threads about this but none with a solution. Basically, my clutch pedal requires a significant amount of effort to depress. The car has 132k miles on it, still on the original clutch. The clutch itself grabs fine and doesn't slip or anything, just has a pretty heavy pedal. I...
  3. Clutch pedal binding/ gets resistance when I push it down.

    Problems & Solutions RSX Ok so my old master must have blew a seal or something because it randomly lost half the pedal and was leaking bad. So I replaced it with a used OEM one and it worked good other than when you push the clutch pedal down fast or sometimes it just did it under normal...
  4. Extremely Soft Pedal After Track Day

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, Recently took my 2006 DC5 running Wilwood Dynalite BBK to Streets of Willow. After one session, the brake pedal got incredibly soft. I drove the 2nd session much more cautiously. It felt as if I could get similar braking power but it took much more pedal travel before brakes began to...
  5. Bled Clutch No air - now pedal is on floor.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    A week ago I went to drive and the car would not go into first. After some time I ended up starting in second, barely. I pulled into the gas station I just left and started researching. My conclusion is it is probably the CMC or CSC as the car shifts fine when engine is off. Also my clutch was...
  6. Clutch pedal

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I've been having a problem that occurs randomly with my clutch pedal. The car still drives fine but sometimes the clutch pedal with be dead for the first half until the engagement actually starts. Sometimes it will stay down and I have to bring it back up with my foot. Again this is random but...
  7. ITR dead pedal fitment??

    Interior Mods RSX
    Quick question regarding the ITR dead pedal fitment Once installed, it appears the pedal is slightly larger than the base under from where the stock one sits. The top of the pedal overhangs and, when you put your hand behind it isn't sitting perfectly in place of where the old one was From...
  8. FS: Strut King Pedal Set

    Exterior & Interior RSX
  9. When I brake, my pedal is hard to push

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Alright so a few weeks ago I was adjusting some pedal cover I have on my RSX. All the pedals have cover. So when I was tightening the brakes and couch pedal I have had to push the pedals in the get the clip on the back of the cover to actually securely tighten the right way. Now when I come to a...
  10. Weird Part that Covers Pedal Wires? PLEASE HELP.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I almost got into an accident this one day because this semi slammed on his brakes. I was forced to slam on mine and knocked this plastic cover down. It goes under the steering wheel and protects a bunch of wires. This plastic piece (shown in pic) is supposed to go in that hole to keep it...
  11. New CMC and CSC installed, no pedal pressure or oil at bleed screw

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I just installed new civic 01-05 cmc and rsx csc, I have no pedal pressure and no oil in csc apparently. The csc is currently pulled out/not attached to frame of car (however the oil line is attached), its sitting lower than the reservoir, no oil comes out from the csc bleed screw with gravity...
  12. long brake pedal travel on start up

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    i have a 02 base rsx with automatic ive changed all brake parts up front except the abs pump the brake pedal sinks very far down and is sort of mooshy i can pump it up and it will sink straight down i can put the car in gear give full throttle and the brakes hold the car and abs...
  13. Brake pedal travel / hard limit part way down

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I was curious about something. On my car (parked on flat ground) with the engine on I can press on my brakes, meet resistance, then keep pressing and I hit a hard stop part way through the travel. And it's nowhere near the floor. Helpful (cough) non-Honda owners have suggested everything from...
  14. Vibration/pulsation felt in clutch pedal especially upon release... help

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I went to drive the rsx today and now the pedal now vibrates/pulsates and it can especially be felt on the way up from its release. it does it whenever the car is on whether between shifts or just sitting at idle. doesnt do it when the car is off. this just happened today after getting back from...
  15. Help, stiff clutch pedal.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    To make this as short as possible I swapped my clutch with an Exedy Stage 1 and after two months of driving my knee was killing me. I decided to have an Exedy OEM cutch installed and initially it was perfect, light pedal and smooth engagement. Two weeks later, and seemingly in one day, the...
  16. clutch pedal after new cmc/csc

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hows it going crsx so i got a new cmc and csc because my original started leaking and was shot. A shop installed it all but now that i got the car back the pedal feels off. I know the cmc needs to be adjusted but there adjustment feels wrong. It drives fine it all goes in gear and the clutch...
  17. Performance clutch with OEM pedal feel?

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    I replaced a worn stock clutch with an exedy stage one a few months back and initially I loved it but it's started to do a number on my knee driving it daily. Maybe I'm just getting old but I've tried several different seat positions and nothing is helping. I've actually already ordered an oem...
  18. FS: Coilpack cover, Clutch Pedal, JDM Stalks

    Part Outs RSX
    All items came off my TYPE-S, with 100k in good condition unless stated. -OEM RSX COIL PACK COVER $25shipped -CLUTCH PEDAL ASSEMBLY $30 shipped -JDM LEFT & RIGHT STALK ASSEMBLIES $25/pr shipped
  19. Squeak clutch pedal. General annoyance.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Watch the video I posted on youtube. Let me know what the hell it is , I tried spraying the shit out of it, even the rod that moves in and out with no luck.
  20. Clutch pedal low/ clutch not engaging

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ok so I have a Type S 2005 with stock clutch,tranny, and motor. Yesterday I was driving home and I noticed my clutch pedal was low and it barely shifted into gears as if the clutch wasn't engaged all the way, it eventually wouldn't even go into any gear even with the clutch to the floor. Today...