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  1. The Great State of Georgia
    I just got my first Rsx, has an 98 GSR before, loved it! Though I think I love the RSX more. She needs some TLC, but it will be awesome when Im done! Anyone still on here from GA?
  2. Canada West
    lookin for some rsx ppl to roll with
  3. Northern Cali
    Just recently acquired an RSX from my brother. He stepped strongly up to a EVO X. My bro said to join this forum because it good, so here I am. Lovin my new RSX and just want to see if there are other members and events here in Fresno or the in valley. Hit me up.:bow:
  4. Texas
    I live in San Antonio area and was just wondering if any one here in Texas would recommend a shop that can tune my vehicle(Kpro) and does any other work on type-s cars :D Any info would be the shiznit. :run::pimp:wavey:
  5. Mid West
    Zerolift and Raceline... which is better to go to? Also getting my test Pipe next week, and Zerolift said 95 for install, so if anyone knows a cheaper place or them themselves could do it cheaper, i am all ears... but main question are either of those shops decent?
  6. Mid West
    Tentatively scheduled for saturday July 23rd. We can start at 4pm. If peeps have problems with that day then I can move it to the 30th. PM me if you need my address or my cell in case you get lost. So for menu I was thinking: beer (corona lol), brats, hot dogs, chicken, burgers? any...
  7. South
    Well all in all things went well and I am pretty satisfied with the products I bought so far. I will have to see the waxes performance in the elements before I give it my final seal of approval though. Since I had never used a buffer EVER before, I asked the gf to let me borrow her jetta to try...
  8. South
    Got popped for doing 68 in a 45 on US 55 in Apex. I am told this is a misdemeanor and I HAVE to appear in court. Talked with the cop and he told me I can plead "Prayer for Judgement" where I pay the ticket and the court costs and no points and no insurance notification...
  9. West
    which is a better place to visit, for an older tourists not young partiers , Denver or Colorado Springs?? Also, it seems like all flights go into Denver, is it a far trip to colorado springs?
  10. Mid West
    This is from another thread, lots of cars are being stolen, and usually by unmarked tow trucks. Sometimes its a repo, since by law they dont need to have any type of logo on their trucks. But majority of the time its thieves, this video will show you how fast it takes them to steal you car...
  11. Member Show-Off RSX
    Well I have been practicing many rig shots. Lmk what you guys think. Special thanks to evryone who helped be a part of this.
  12. Florida
    I am asking for a favor from one of you A friend and I are coming down to Miami the last weekend in March for Ultra Music Festival We need a place to stay in turn we will buy you your ticket to come to the festival if anyone can accomodate us, we would greatly...
  13. Engine & Transmission RSX :thumbsup:
  14. Texas
    anybody in lubbock especially from texas tech in this bish?
  15. DC Metro
    i am taking a state test up north in abingdon how bad is traffic on 95N? im comign from the dc area. test is at 6:30 i plan on leaving by 3:30 does that sound safe? thanks
1-15 of 48 Results