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    Whether you're looking for an ideal gift for a birthday, holiday or any other occasion, to make your relatives, friends or sweetheart happy, search no more! CARiD Gift Card is a perfect gift for your special ones, no matter what they are into. Our 8 STREETiD stores will allow them to get...
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Just wanted to share this with you guys as I'm sure you've experienced the same rattling noise that I have... I looked through the old threads trying to find the same weather stripping previous CRSX members have used with no luck. Finally, found this on Amazon at the link below. I've had it...
  3. Canada West: For Sale & Want to Buy
    watch a video of them in action here: Valentines is around the corner. Scratching your head to figure out what to get your significant other? Tired of making things with your hands? I got your back: IllumiRoses! Powered by a few smartly placed LEDs placed inside the cork, IllumiRoses are...
  4. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    I have a 2003 Blue RSX Type S for Sale. My car is a one owner car with 217,000 miles on it. The rotors, calipers, and pads have been replaced in the past year and the tires have good tread depth remaining. The car currently needs a new clutch but mechanically the car is in good shape. The...
  5. Suspension, Wheels, & Tires EP3
    wassup guys! for all you guys planning on going reverse stagger or just want these wheels i got a PAIR of BNIB Enkei RPF1 17x7.5 +48 5x114.3 bolt pattern in silver. bought them and then changed my build route so now there still in the box just chillin. trying to get rid of them for 400 firm...
  6. Auto Talk
    In your opinon, what would be the perfect track car. A balance between speed and cornering. I was thinking a BRZ/FR-S Boosted would make a really good race machine with the right suspension and aero mods.
  7. Exterior & Interior RSX
    side skirts look like new. NY PICK ONLY 30$ . LONG ISLAND IS BETTER 1646 THREE 5 9 2929
  8. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  9. Bolt-On Basics EP3
    I recently bought a shift knob from Wright Bros Racing and I am in love with this thing! I thought it may be too heavy since our shifter is on the dash but it is THE perfect weight, not too light, and not heavy enough to fall into 4th. They are a newly forming company so they do not have an...
  10. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    I have owned this race header and exhaust for only 4 months, around 6k miles on them. I bought both items brand new from the clubrsx store: apexi noir for $649 and ss dcrh for $472. The AEM V2 intake from crsx store was $300and has been on the car for around 40k and still performs great. i have...
  11. Wheels & Tires
    Okay so I fell in love with the XXR527s in Chromium Black. I'm lowering my car in about a month 2 inches or so and I think these would look amazing to go with the drop. Ok now the question is what do I need to know about offset wheel spacers etc? I've done some searching but I'm still not fully...
  12. Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Selling this no need for it 85obo 281 796 2682.pearl white
  13. Wheels & Tires
    Im lookin to get some 17x8 or 9s but dont know the perfect offset, nothing to ridiculous, i want a nice flush look, no crazy camber either, and also what would be a perfect size to stretch on a 8 or 9, again nothing to crazy, roads here in ny are not that great ! Lol
1-15 of 241 Results