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  1. New person here!

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello I just sold my integra with 280k miles on it. Pretty bumbed out about it but I did buy a 04 rsx- with 134k . I pray it does as well as the integra. I must say the rsx is a beast, I'm loving it but do miss my baby. Anyways I'm here reading all your posts trying to learn about this one now...
  2. new pics 05-06 type s wheels socal. first person to drop me 350$$ takes these! picked

    Wheels & Tires RSX
    SOLD..........first person to drop me 350$$ takes these! picked up only. well hello there! I've been coming on this site for a while now, never posted on here because i knew how to work the search button ;P. anyways i have a set of 4 05-06 type s wheels with some tires sitting in my garage...
  3. 02 RSX base starting issues (another person, different scenario)

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello everyone, how is it going! First off, I wanted to make note that I have been looking through the forums for much time now, and decided that it would be great to be a part of it. I have tried the search options through many different websites, including this one ~ and google has been my...
  4. San Francisco Hotels - Extra person fees

    Northern Cali
    Hello everyone. Has anyone lived in Hotels via San Francisco? I am planning on booking two nights stay with my family of 3. Would it be possible to book a room with two adults but have three people in it?
  5. Job: Sales Person Wanted in Hacienda Heights

    Southern Cali
    Hello, We are currently looking for a few sales staff that has previous sales experience that knows how to sell booths for shows. We are selling booths for shows and we need people who can talk to the vendors. If you think you got what it takes, hit me up via PM and we can schedule you an...
  6. Looking for: Person w/ Exotic Car for photoshoot

    Canada East
  7. SCAMMER: thaiboy10 & TEchline Same Person

    Buyer & Seller Disputes
    look how they "back up" one another by pretending they are interested in it. here are some of their threads. can we change this section to be a scammer section instead of dispute? view their profiles, they are near identical as well and TEchline left thaiboy10 positive feedback for the same...
  8. Person with attitude picking up the phone (female)

    K Series Parts
    I had a comment and suggestion. Not sure if it's in the correct area. The female who picked up my phone call today. Completely rude, cutting me off on every sentence. I didn't even speak and she would tell me what to do. She doesn't even listen to me. She just said she can't hear me. My...
  9. anyone ever seen top gear in person?

    Auto Talk
    i registered and on a waiting list for tikets and when i get a onfermation ill book my flight. anyone ever went there? what should i take? is it fun? i plan on staying for atleast a week, i need a va ation the way my life has been going.
  10. door dung hard by car, person left note. should i charge?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    come out of fry's after parking in one of very back rows of parking lot and was staring at my hood admiring how reflective she was after washing my car a couple days ago. walk up a little closer to see a green note on my car, thought maybe i finally got invited to the underground street racing...
  11. Looking for experienced person to clean up my headlights..

    Lighting RSX
    I have projectors in OEM headlights from Todd but they fogged due to my own error when reinstalling them (didnt plug the rear outlet properly). Anyway, they're noticably hazed inside and its killing me. I'd like to get them opened up, cleaned and then resealed properly. Only experienced people...
  12. Crashed/Stolen/Vandalized RSX thread, share your pain volume 3

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I never thought that they would mess with my rsx. It looks like a f$%&in regular non type s. It all happened last night after watching Terminator S. I come home like 12:30 and go to bed. A neighbor wakes me up like 3:30 in the morning saying that our car was broken into. That's all that really...
  13. Saw GT-R In Person for the 1st time

    Auto Talk
    I dont care for flames lol. I am currently deployed to Kuwait right now. I am stationed at a Kuwaiti military installation. All Kuwaitis are rich if you didnt know. So I was walking from the dining facility here and crossing a street. I looked to my left and theres a Red Nissan GT-R in front of...
  14. Free kill switch to the first person to let me do a write up on their rsx

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I looking to do a write up on how to install a effective kill switch on the rsx. I not talking about some easy to bypass kill switch or ignition kill. And deffintly not a starter kill that can be bypassed by push starting the car. I want to show members how to diy there main relays kill. Yes...
  15. Anyone work at, or know a sales person at Holler Honda?

    I'm looking to trade my RSX-S for a 4dr Si, and would like to deal with a trustworthy sales person. I figured someone may be able to direct me to a sales person in Orlando area. Thanks in advance for you help. P.S. I love my dc5, but financing incentives are pretty sweet right now and my RSX...
  16. I am the dumbest person on earth...

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Me and my GF were going down to the movies to see DARK KNIGHT(awesome movie by the way, a must see!!!) OK, so I was merging into the highway and I was making about 100mph when stupid ME decides to close the windows. The weather was SHIT(I live in FL) there was a lot of wind because of an...
  17. *need Photoshop Person* For My Website Logo, Details Inside!!!

    made a new one in proper area, mods delete please
  18. searched...hayame exhaust gen 2, anyone heard it in person?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    i searched....alot....whats up guys i am talking to a guy on here about purchasing his hayame exhasut gen 2, and i cant seem to find any sound pics of the specific one he is talking about, just the one that looks like the tanabe exhausts, this one is the one that looks like the buddy club...
  19. New person - general information overview of the type-s

    General RSX Discussion
    I know i'll probably be flamed for posting such a simplistic thread as my first thread, but the search feature here is nearly impossibly i navigate through to find any answer worthwhile so i decided to make my own thread to ask a question about the S, and maybe someone would answer them. A...
  20. Saw the new BMW suv in person tonight...

    Auto Talk
    Funny story about this BMW shots. We were walking back to our car and passed by, I wanted to shoot it so I took a few shots. I told my friend "It'd be funny if the owners came out" and not 30 seconds later I hear "Excuse me, it's $5 per shot honey" and I turned around and laughed, the lady was...