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  1. PK's HUGE Garage Clean up - RSX Stuff! - CRaZY! Lots of pix!

    Canada West: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Taylor Battery box New in box no Wire extensions in this package $150 RSX Front struts with Top Hats (no springs) $50 pair RSX Type S Cat. $150 firm Driver Side A-Pillar Trim $20 2005-2006 HVAC controls (vent is broken) simulated Carbon fiber from the factory (02/04 is just...
  2. Delete

    Problems & Solutions RSX

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Okay guys i have some BRAND NEW NEVERMOUNTED STILL ON BOX. 17x9 22 offset Rpf1. NO TIRES. I have them in my parents attic for the pass 1 and half years. Never got a chance to install them since i moved out and bought my own house and need the money to do some home improvement. Pics be up...
  4. Pair of Falken 912. 205/40/17 $100

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Hey peeps. Got a pair of Falken Ziex 912 tires forsale. Only used for a little more than a month. Size 205/40/17 with Very very mild camber wear. Selling cause I needa get my wheels redone. $100!! Picked up. Located in LA near Dodger stadium. They both have 8/32'ds tire tread left on both of...
  5. TW/FS: Carbon Fiber OEM style Hood DELETE

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Up for sale a OEM style CF hood. Condition 8 of 10. Selling price 175. If its not sold soon i may just keep it. As a spare hood. pick up only please
  6. Pix Fixed 11.22.12 - mtado06 VBP Type S - Progress Thread

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Had my Type S for about 4 years now, and think it's about time I start making some mods. I'm starting out with the exterior since it's a little banged up. Let me know if the pics are too big. [PICS] Stock, The day I bought her - Page 1 Brembo Brake Goodies - Page 2 Dropped and Brembos...
  7. ECHM 2012!!! Pix

    Member Show-Off RSX
    A few of us went up to Richmond VA this past weekend for the Honda meet... Plenty of nice cars and a bunch of "unique" ones as well lol but overall a pretty awesome event. Talk about PACKED! We got there at 10:30a before the gates opened and it was packed... Left at 1p and you should've seen the...
  8. Updated pix of my little red devil 6-11-12

    Here's some updated pix of my ride currently as it stands...the new front bumper will be ready in August..i just also wanna say wassup to my Florida friends...u guys are some of the best people i have ever been able to known..enjoy the pix Updated pix: teaser of what's to
  9. Updated pix of my little red devil 6-11-12

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Updated pix of new front end: teaser of what's to clearcoat yet and CF air ducts were just test fitted...the CF splitter will be mounted later after the bumper is on.. NEW PHOTOSHOOT PIX ADDED TO 2ND PAGE
  10. fs: updated with pix! JDM type R door card inserts...real honda not ebay

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    DC5R shift boot black with red stitching-sold -OEM JDM DC5r door card inserts-$180 both items r mint (meaning no burns, rips, wear, or anything) open to trades for any blue interior pieces for rsx
  11. Is my motor mount broken? (pix inside)

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    hey guys, while doing my oil change today, i noticed the engine motor mount looked a bit off. it is the one in the front passenger side, near the headlight. i have noticed my car being a bit jerky lately but i never paid much attention to it. also, if it is busted, does anyone know if...
  12. Works Bell U-Turn Airbag Warning Cancellation Harness (UPDATE: SOLVED)

    Interior Mods RSX
    Has anyone tried using this to cancel out the SRS light from using an aftermarket steering wheel? This item is included with any works bell hub. I'm getting their hub along with a new aftermarket steering wheel, but couldn't find any information on this particular item. Anyone have any info...
  13. Final Rsx Interior part out! (Airbag, seat belts, and more!) *56k warning pix heavy!

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Hello all, Finally, spent the time to dig up all the parts that I have sitting around urg... Anyways, pricing are OBO just wanted these stuff gone. (pricing do not include shipping unless otherwise stated). Most parts are mint - good/working condition if not otherwise specified. PLEASE READ...
  14. OEM type s header..OEM intake..OEM Flywheel..NYC PIX up!

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    Type s header no gaskets...50 plus shipping obo Type s Flywheel..just needs a resurfacing and g2g 40 plus shipping obo OEM intake box uncut...still a virgin...70 plus shipping obo...All prices are obo ...buyer pays shipping costs..Located in nyc pick ups are free..will drop off or meet...
  15. ***CCW + Evo9!*** moar pix page 2

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Well not really, sold the type-s over a year ago & even though I don't own an rsx anymore I still lurk through here once in a while.......... Got myself a new whip and started messing with it :) Evo9MRSE Hope you guys like it........
  16. 02 SSM Show Off Thread!***NEW PIXS FROM A PHOTOSHOOT!***

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Heres my 02 SSM :)! Got it back since 07 in my senior year in High School and been modding since :giggity: current set up Pg. 2 CF Mugen hood added Pg. 3 @Krispy Kreme Car Meet and CF Mugen hood painted Pg. 4 Lowered on coilovers, added jdm visors and front mugen lip Pg.4 Pics from two...
  17. **Check Out My >>Arctic Blue Pearl Official Show-Off Thread<< New Pix 11.20.12**

    Member Show-Off RSX
    **Check Out My >>Arctic Blue Pearl Official Show-Off Thread<< New Pix 11.20.12** Welcome To First My Show Off Thread :) - This is what i have done so far on my 2003 Arctic Blue Pearl Type-S Enjoy :wavey: I love HateRs :hi: Any advise is highly appreciated :love: Engine Bay DC5 Type R...
  18. "Swag's SSM Ep3 " Pix in my thread ; /

    Member Show-Off EP3
    Whats good Ep Hatch & DC5 owners? My Name is Anthony, I live in Pensacola F.L I drive a 2002 SSM Ep3 :vtec: I joined to gain more knowledge than I currently know now about the Ep3. I was reffered here by MartianSi my homie from Pensacola, there are not many Ep3's in our area, probably a hand...
  19. Sinister's my MAX bumper is here

    Member Show-Off RSX
  20. tw: parting out (updated with pix of some items) lots of pic

    Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    just crashed my car not too long ago and thinking if i should fix it or just part everything out and sell the car stock. no pix of items atm. pm to offer for anything that ur interested in. reasonable offers only. please dont lowball me. the items i am listed below were not damged in the...