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  1. Plan on getting an 05-06 rsx base

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and want you get an rsx base 5spd in the spring. I know this question has been asked before but, how fun are this card to drive? I know they aren't "fast" or as quick as the type s, but are they quick to 60mph, fun to corner, and fun to drive around town? I do about...
  2. 03 RSX, From SC i plan to be real active

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Greetings Im Bender, From the tittle above i plan to be real active. In fact im currently starting a Build. 03 RSX #SilverLClub :hb: So i live in columbia SC im in the Air Force and im like most 24 year old's i party Drink and love building Shit.:vtec: Btw for some odd reason i cant post in...
  3. My car audio plan, need some help

    Car Audio & Security EP3
    Hey all, I've been reading the forums and trying to put together a car audio system on paper and have some questions/thoughts I hope some of you wouldn't mind processing for me. From my research, I've read the different things people have had to do to put 6-1/2" fronts...
  4. My Stage 1 (Yes 1) Plan, Advice Welcome

    General Discussion EP3
    Heya, Planning on doing a bit of work on my stock 03 car. Thinking cold air intake, a new exhaust, and new cams so I can get a bit of engine experience too. If I do stage 2 cams, I'll need the rest of the valvetrain upgraded too right? What do you think about that for a stage 1? Some more...
  5. Should plan another All Florida Meet somewhere..

    i was thinking maybe SoFlo or maybe Tampa area? not really saying just those two places but lets start throwing ideas and just making something happen!
  6. Plan on moving back to Orlando...need help with finding a job

    I'm planning to move back to Orlando and would like to know if anyone on here knows if their company is hiring or knows of a place that is...i can provide a resume or email it to u so u can give it to your boss...please help a fellow member out...looking to move back within a month or 2...thanks...
  7. about to plan a vacation in hawaii

    im about to plan a week or two vacation in hawaii beginning of july, just waiting on my gf to figure out how long she'll be able to stay out too. ive never been except for transfers from plane to plane heading to the philippines. can anyone recommend me things to do which is budget friendly...
  8. FS/T Nexus S GT-I9020a, AT&T 3G, working with Media Net $10 unlimited plan...

    Cell Phones
    WILL SELL FOR 350 SHIPPED Not really in love with this idea, but, it is what it is. Just picked up a Nexus S, black, mint, and to my surprise it is working flawlessly with the Media Net $10 unlimited plan from AT&T, which is a nice bonus! It's the black version, complete with box, headset...
  9. Whats Your miles, and do you plan on...

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Keeping your RSX till the wheels fall off, or do you plan to trade or get rid of it at some point, or keep it as a 2nd car? This is all based on the miles... I know Honda/Acrua is built for longetivity, but at some point is there a cut off for ya... I have 147K miles on my 02 and honestly you...
  10. Build Plan w/ Questions

    Problems & Solutions EP3
    Step 1 Depo HID Lights '04 Stock Tail Lights Carbing Under Brace *HFP Rear Lip *HFP Side Lip (* - Yet to order) Step 2 Suspensions work Here is where my questions begin Deeza Chassis Tie Rod End - Is it worth it? Is it a pain to get to? Tanabe Front and Rear Sway Bar - Out of everything...
  11. Payment plan options

    K Series Parts
    Just noticed this while browsing the store. Nice to see Crsx trying to help those that may not be able to afford sone things all at once. I'm assuming this is only for the higher priced items? I saw it while looking at the full race turbo kits lol.
  12. FS: Backyard Special Front Bumper -payment plan?

    Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    >>Price Lowered: $1000 Flat!!!<< I would love to keep this bumper just to have but I just don't have any space for it as you can see, its been in my room for a few months now. Ive since did the 05/06 conversion so I pretty much have no use for this bumper. It is painted PWP and will include...
  13. opinion on my all motor plan

    All Motor RSX
    I have been looking at a lot of different options for a streetable car with good horsepower gains. This is the setup that i came up with. mods: crower stage 2 cams crower valves and springs obx race header, exaust injen CAI Hondata kpro excedy clutch (stage 1,2) wavetrac LSD (dont know if I...
  14. Whats everyone's big plan for their car this summer?

    Canada East
    unfortunately gotta do brakes and then suspension :firemad: and that should max out my budget already..... sigh :firemad:
  15. What do you plan on doing with your tax returns

    General RSX Discussion
    so like the title says, what do you plan on doing with the money you'll be getting back from the government I plan on getting: Mb battles and k-sport coilovers if anything left going to my JFBD account ( just for break downs:p) Srry if this has been posted before
  16. DC new inspection plan FTMFW

    DC Metro
    passed with raceheader, cat-back, HIDs, tints, and SRS light on but the guy did kinda looked at the exhaust out back a couple times :rotfl::rotfl: im actually kinda glad i live here now and i kinda feel comfy selling my stock cat and exhaust now. [/IMG]
  17. close

    Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  18. Need help choosing the right ISP & plan.

    Canada East
    Hey guys I wanna upgrade my mega slow internet mainly for ps3 online and downloading. Im with rogers and have their old light package which is 3mbs dl/ 256up. (according to my ps3) Im looking to upgrade to the 25mb dl n 1mb up from rogers. I dont want to go to bell as I've heard too many bad...
  19. Looking to get renew family plan + upgrade + iphone... can YOU help?

    Northern Cali
    Just like the title says.......
  20. The build plan

    Member Show-Off EP3
    **UPDATED** ENGINE: aem v2 Full custom cat back with vibrant 18" resonator, ultra quiet resonator, and flat black dual tip muffler Megan header and test pipe EXTERIOR Replica Type-r spoiler Back and side window tints Custom diy front grille 6000k hid's yellow fogs w/custom made switch WHEELS...