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  1. Just planning ahead, not ready just yet - FS: K20A2 Complete Swap

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    As the title says, I am planning ahead and getting ready to sell my K20a2 complete swap. I am going to buy a ITR K20A complete swap in the fall. I will sell the PRC, I will port and polish it if the buyer desires with labor charge, selling the prc ecu, and k20a oem header, and halfshaft. My...
  2. Will 17x9 Rota Grids Fit? Planning on 245/255 tires.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have the type r front brembos, hubs and conversion. Which means I have -15mm offset in comparison to the Type S. I am looking at the Rota Grid 17x9 +42 wheels with 245/255 tires. That basically means I would be asking if the 17x9 +27 would fit the type S with 245/255 tires? I want to run...
  3. Planning out my next build

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey guys, So I just got done with school and now I have some free time. I am in the planning process of my next build. Im going to share with you guys some ideas I for aero. I will be updating this 2-3 times a week plus posting on my instagram too. Feel free to follow me at...
  4. Planning on buying this wing.

    Exterior Mods RSX Was wondering if theres anything wrong with this for my 03 type s or if its bad quality?
  5. dc5society meet planning thread

  6. Planning a MEET for some time next Summer 2015

    North East
    Hello, I am in the northeast and I was wanting to get a meet up going and getting it planned. Summer time for sure! Because my RSX is now stored for the winter to come. So if anybody lives in north east Ohio, or wants to drive to Ohio let's get a meet up! The middle of the state could and can be...
  7. question* future planning

    Turbo RSX
    can you boost/supercharge a 06 k20a3 (auto)?
  8. Planning on buying Skunk2 Pro C Coilovers off ebay!! IS IT SAFE??

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hello everyone, since Club rsx is out of stock on the new skunk 2pro c coilovers, I found some on eBay for about the same price. My only concern is, are they legit? And not those replicas people get scammed for. How can I be confident that its the actual product and not a replica.
  9. Vacation planning help

    So my girl and I are planning a trip to Florida from Sat Oct 27 and returning Nov 4th. We are flying to Orlando (MCO). We plan to do 1 day in Seaworld, 3-4 days in Disney, and we have the remainder of the days to do some other things. We will have a car rental and I'm just wondering other than...
  10. Pre-build planning

    Supercharging RSX
    Shit, did not mean to start a new thread for this. Sorry! Delete at will!
  11. K20A3 to K24A2 Planning

    Engine Building & Design
    Hello all, After much research and thinking, I've decided a k24a2 swap would best meet my needs. So far, I've made this spreadsheet in planning for it. As you can see, I'm planning on upgrading a lot of wear items while I'm in there - hoses, serpentine belt, etc - so the upfront cost is...
  12. planning audio setup, ditch or keep what i have

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I have been wanting to put an audio system into my DD rsx. I have the components and subs along with the amps. Lately i have been making a fiberglass enclosure for my gf's '11 tC, and i figured it would not be fair to spend all that time while my car gets no love. I've been looking into doing a...
  13. planning on getting a plx afr sensor module, need some recomendations and input

    ECU Tuning RSX
    a while back mike from elite engine tuning recomended that i wire my uego gauge into the eld on the k-pro. i was considering it, but when i read that the uego wasnt recomended for that, i quit the idea cuz i didnt have the cash to get the plx since it was recomended on hondata's website. well i...
  14. planning my k24a2 in my type s. (need info)

    All Motor RSX
    im purchasing a 06 tsx k24a2 long block. ive been reading and searching back and forth for a complete guide on a completely stockish k24/20 hybrid build. i read in some threads the intake mani needs to be modded, in others i read that i need a certain oil pan or need to mod my oil pan, and...
  15. Planning on getting a teggy

    Acura Integra
    how does the teg compare to rsx-s in terms of mileage and performance? saw a 01' teg gsr for 8k online. more worth it than paying 12k for a 04' rsx-s?
  16. planning a vancouver trip from Ca.

    Canada West
    Yo wats up this summer i am planning a trip to vancouver. I am most likely going to take my dc5 i was wondering what are the do's n don'ts in canada. any local car shops i can benefit from.and get some parts the cali boys would :eek: for. any tourism attractions you guys would...
  17. screw parking lot pimping casual get together planning.

    Northern Cali
    A few of the guys and myself are getting tired of parking lot pimping but still willing to show support to rsx meets. So a few us came up with suggestions with hanging out with rsx buddies and actually doing something. I don't have a good date yet but Edwin came up up with A chill night at...
  18. Eosm planning - need a date so vote asap

    Northern Cali
    So I'm taking the initiative to start this thread early. I work at Modacar in Livermore, and im thinking about trying to setup this meet here. We have a dyno, we could do a deal on that, we could have a bbq, or a pot luck, or something. I would probably be able to setup some good deals on some...
  19. Planning on Vibrant RH

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    So after seeing the positive reviews on the Vibrant raceheader with high flo cat I've decided to grab it. Aside from the motor mounts, is there anything else I need to properly install this? Also which motor mounts should I get?
  20. **Event Planning ** BOSM.2009

    Northern Cali
    Got ideas? Put them here! I'm thinking about doing a catered meet!!! tacos anyone?? GO GO GO! Type of Meet - Catered - Potluck - Dyno Day - Indoor Karting - Photoshoot - Track Day - Dragstrip - Fishing - Shooting Range - Charity Drive - ClubRSX World Series of Poker LOL - Pho - Ramen -...