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  1. Planning on Vibrant RH

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    So after seeing the positive reviews on the Vibrant raceheader with high flo cat I've decided to grab it. Aside from the motor mounts, is there anything else I need to properly install this? Also which motor mounts should I get?
  2. **Event Planning ** BOSM.2009

    Northern Cali
    Got ideas? Put them here! I'm thinking about doing a catered meet!!! tacos anyone?? GO GO GO! Type of Meet - Catered - Potluck - Dyno Day - Indoor Karting - Photoshoot - Track Day - Dragstrip - Fishing - Shooting Range - Charity Drive - ClubRSX World Series of Poker LOL - Pho - Ramen -...
  3. I am planning to do a Retrofit DIY along with...

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Planning to do a DIY Retrofit for a RX330 projector, black out, and CCFL installation. Instead of having all those things in five different thread, it could all be in just one. Just wondering if that would be of a use to the community, got all pictures taken and all I got to do is add...
  4. planning to do 05-06 rear conversion feeler thread

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    i was rear ended about a week ago....dont plan on doing any body work until the spring time because weather sucks right now and the only other form of transportation i have is the bike....anyways i wanna do the 05-06 rear conversion on my 03 rsx-s. going to need the rear bumper and taillights pm...
  5. **OFFICIAL** 209 Meet | Planning | Discussing |*CHAT*| Version 4.0 | 2009 |

    Northern Cali
    Here's to a new year & a new 209 thread. It only makes sense for the previous ringleader to make it. :D
  6. GM planning on Stage1 upgrade kit for Cobalt SS/TC

    Auto Talk
    Well the 08 ss/tc is pretty peppy to say the least (low 14s to high 13s) With bolt on its a high twelves car. So this new addition should spice things up just a little bit more in the Sport compact scene.
  7. **Official** 209 Regional Meet Planning *CHAT* Thread Ver. 3.0

    Northern Cali
    Alrite folks, lets keep it real here. This thread is all about meet PLANNING. Lets stay within the RULES, and keep the chatter down. If you want to Chat/whore :gtfo:there are other threads for that. Anyways lets get this thing going, Discuss. :coffee...
  8. Planning on getting a 37 in LCD for ps3...$$$ in europe :(

    Video Games
    Is it worth paying for 1080p on 37" or will 720p/1080i be practically the same? Going to live in Europe for the next 4 years and TV's here arent cheap like at home. The dont have shitty olivia or what not brands either. My choices are Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sony, Phillips and Panasonic. I found a...
  9. EOSM 2008: Planning Thread #1

    Northern Cali
    Ok it's about that time to start planning our end of summer meet for this year! I am trying to figure out possible locations so I need to get a head count of where everyone will be coming from. Please mark which area you are closer too so I can try to pick a location that will work better for...
  10. va/md/dc next meet planning thread ftw!

    East Coast EP3
    post up your ideas here and ill update them in the first post. at the end we can make a poll to find out what we will do next.. hopefully soon! this time we will pick a date, and make sure you can make it out.. no flaking!!!! (i posted in ephatch and clubep3 so i will update both when...
  11. 916 Sacramento/Elk Grove meet planning and *CHAT* thread??

    Northern Cali
    aightskee lets get this shit started ya feel me. wheres the luv from tha capital city?!
  12. planning to start up a weekly meet in new york city

    North East
    im planning start up a meet in new york city....anybodii have an idea wher we can make this happen....somewher in the city or in the bronx wher we could park and chat
  13. Planning To Go Back To The Dealer

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    i have a 06 type s and im wanting to go back to the dealer for tranny issues( gears), but i was wondering if i should take off my modifications, i only have a CAI, ESMM inserts, and a a muffler w/o resonator, and have changed the tranny fluid to redline and it also has the password jsm drain...
  14. Planning a Bachelor Party - Help!

    North East
    My buddy asked me to be the best man for his wedding. I've never been to a wedding, let alone be a best man! Kinda stressful... but maybe you guys can give me some advice. I don't want to go over the top, just have a good night out with the guys. Any recommendations on some nice bars to go to...
  15. **Official** 209 Meet Planning Thread *CHAT* CHECK 1st Post for Meet Infos & RULES!!!

    Northern Cali
    **Official** 209 Meet Planning Thread *CHAT* CHECK 1st Post for Meet Infos & RULES!!! OUR OFFICIAL CHAT ROOM copy and paste the entire link below aim:gochat?roomname=NorCalClubRSXchat&Exchange=5 Okay, for those of you who haven't noticed, our last two threads have been locked because (some...
  16. ~Official 209 Meet Planning Thread PART II~

    Northern Cali
    Hello, fellow lurkers(please post) & 209'ers!! Welcome to our 2nd Meet Planning/ Chat Thread! I am going to use this first page to feature all of our members. I don't think this has been done before on a regular (non show-off) thread, but i believe it is a good idea and a chance for everyone on...
  17. Changed Cars? Planning to? Vote Here!

    Auto Talk
    *This poll is intended for those who have actually switched cars. VOTING RULES: As noted above, vote ONLY if you have SWITCHED cars. If you really feel like clicking a button, vote for what you plan on switching to. Import to Import must only be used if it doesn't fit any of the other options...
  18. *Official* 209 Meet Planning Thread

    Northern Cali
    Since everyone seems to have enjoyed our last meet and want to get another one going, I've decided to make a thread designated to setting up all of our future meets. So feel free to throw out suggestions/comments on a date and location for our next meet. It doesn't have to be soon, so let's just...
  19. planning on some changes to the car

    Auto X & Road Racing
    EDIT: final result in post 77. EDIT: new question: i have decided to use 8K sprins at the front, but i can't decide whether to use 12K or 14K for the back. I am planning on taking the Spoon progressive springs out of the car. The spring is just too soft, and is bottoming out on every corner...