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  1. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Want to buy rear panel plastics with speaker covers black or tan is fine located in Los Angeles/Bell Gardens Area cash in hand ready to go
  2. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Hey guys I'm looking for the 2 map light covers. Lmk
  3. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    I need the black plastic pieces from a set of type s black seats 02-04 only need all of the plastic. black in color thanks guys
  4. Exterior & Interior RSX
    EVERYTHING IS OBO AND NEEDS TO GO!!! 95% Complete TITANIUM GRAY interior: Willing to part out just PM me, Mostly everything is OBO and negotiable within reason except for some items that are priced. Prices are not including shipping or paypal fees. OBO - Full dashboard SOLD - Center console...
  5. Engine & Transmission EP3
    Part #17121-PNF-E00 Part #12500-PNC-020 $60shipped for both pieces Paypal Only I am not on the forum often, please inquire by EMAIL [email protected] Thanks
  6. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Hey, I want to buy the bolt-on bracket that holds the battery to the car, and I also want to buy the 2 plastic pieces to cover the battery and the hold down bracket. Basically everything that attaches the battery to the car. 15005 is my zipcode PM me your best price shipped and I will...
  7. Exterior & Interior EP3
    Like the title states I went with a CF hatch and don't want to put the interior panels back on so I am selling it... 50 picked up 75 shipped anywhere in the US Sent from MANNY KID 15 using Tapatalk
  8. Florida For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Got all tan plastics from the rear for sale, moving to New Orleans august 1st. So need gone Asap
  9. Exterior & Interior RSX
    i basically have everything from the rear seats back MAKE OFFER center console $50
  10. Part Outs RSX
    I need some stock parts for my car. If anyone has them please PM me. Passenger fender liner the 2 black strips on the roof and the 2 black strips right under the window from the outside. My black strips have faded with all the UV light in miami. Thanks.
  11. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Like it is say Im looking for the B-pillar (front) plastics I really only need the Driver side but if I have to buy a pair I will, I have an 02 ABP-S. I live in charlotte so if local that would be great but not against having them shipped. Cash in Hand
  12. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Located in Corpus Christi, Texas 2007 GSXR 600 clear title. Bike is in mint condition with 25XX miles. All the plastics are smoked/clear, only other mod is carbon fiber levers. Will come with race stand as well. $5500 obo
  13. Exterior & Interior EP3
    I have a bunch of misc plastic covers laying around Let me know what you are looking for Asking OBO Will post pics of whatever i have laying around tonite
  14. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    I am looking for both fender liners, I prefer 05-06 but will take 02-04. also the plastic moldings on the sides of windshield, and the plastic molding on the door, on the lower part of the window where it slides into the mirror. pm or email [email protected] with a price
  15. Exterior & Interior RSX
    1. drivers side. door step 2. passenger side. the interior piece that runs along the floor inside the car by the bottom of seat 3. drivers side. runs up the windsheild. Thanks Trey Jones [email protected]
1-18 of 23 Results