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  1. Is Honda Coming out with a RWD platform to compete against the FRS/BRZ?

    Auto Talk
    With the new competition, selling hot and Honda unveiling their new Turbocharged earth dream engines, is this a near-term reality? Still longing for a Japanese hot hatch that can fill the void of the missing RSX...
  2. Farewell to the platform, and thanks to this forum

    Auto Talk
    After being a loyal Honda/Acura junkie for years, I finally had to leave the platform. Had a 92 Si hatch which was stolen, recovered, but totalled. Replaced it with an 03 SSM RSX-S, which I loved. It was my DD, so the mods weren't extensive, but had intake, RBC, exhaust, prokits w/ konis...
  3. ..

    Auto X & Road Racing
  4. Why is the RSX such an unloved platform?

    General RSX Discussion
    Outside of those that either own an RSX or have driven one there seems to be no love for the car. I would like people to share their ideas on why they think this is. Car Shows: Nothing can beat a jdm front dc2 or a clean 92-95 hatch. Drag racing: Too heavy to be competitive in most...
  5. 2003 ABP Type-S, $9250, Mostly stock.

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    2003 Acura RSX Type-S. 94,000 miles. Recent maintenance: new alternator, new battery, new IAC, new secondary o2 sensor. Car was recently aligned. Tires have 5,000 miles on them. Artic Blue pearl paint in great condition with OEM A-Spec body kit (front lip, sides, and rear diffuser). Recently...
  6. Front JDM Square eblem on an oval platform?

    JDM Only RSX
    I understand that our front A emblem is an oval and the jdm H emblem is a square, does it look stupid on our usdm cars? does anyon have a picture of the Square H emblem on the oval platform at an angle?
  7. Which jap car has a good platform for modding?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    This is mainly for street application...what is a good car to invest on and dump a good amount of cash on it? As an enthustist, I want to build a great street car with approximately 500 - 600 horsepower with VERY GOOD SUSPENSION. yes, i know any car can be made fast with insane of cash dumped...
  8. Seeking Turbo Platform...

    Turbo RSX
    Hey guys, I am looking for an RSX to build a turbo kit off of, we are developing a tubular turbo manifold for kseries motors and we've had a small setback with our current platform. If anyone is interested and in the Austin,TX area please contact me [email protected], you get free labor...
  9. Base RSX better platform for forced Induction

    Turbo RSX
    Just by looking at the numbers I think if you plan on going forced induction i.e. Nitrous, Supercharger, or Turbo the Base RSX is a much better platform. It has a lot lower compression ration at 9.8 and also is geared taller. With the lower compression ratio it would probably be able to run...