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  1. Auto X & Road Racing
    So I attended my first HPDE for the season today at Pocono (East Course) and just my luck fog so thick you couldn't see more than a few feet in front of you. Luckily it cleared up a bit in the afternoon so we got 3 heats in (were supposed to get 4). Despite the damp and cold conditions, it was a...
  2. Auto X & Road Racing
    What a perfect day it was today to do a HPDE. Temperatures were in the mid 70s, sunny, absolutely gorgeous. I attended the NASA HPDE at Pocono Raceway north course with Lo-Buck (Spencer) as my instructor. While Pocono north isn't exactly a challenging course, it's a great course for beginners...
  3. Auto X & Road Racing
    Last minute thing I guess I decided to do, since my friend told me about it today. I never did a time trial before so I guess it's gonna be different than my normal HPDE track events. Anyone ever gone to Pocono before... I know it's a NASCAR track with infield, but anything someone can help me...
  4. Auto X & Road Racing
  5. Auto X & Road Racing
    anyone planning on going? i assume Azh will.. :) im hoping to sign up as long as im in town that weekend.. :thumbsup:
  6. Auto X & Road Racing
  7. Auto X & Road Racing
    EMRA is having a time trial on May 10th. It's going to be a Pocono raceway using the "South Course". I went 2 years ago and it was great. They EMRA guys are really organized and it was a fun day of racing. This is better than the driving school I went to because you actually get a chance to...
1-7 of 7 Results