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  1. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Got a radar for sell as listed in title. Used condition, but works like a charm. Comes with the radar and plug which is all it needs. Mute button on the unit itself doesnt work, but the mute on the power plug works. 80 Shipped. 760-587-Six12O
  2. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Here we have probably one of the cleanest KZ1000 police bikes around All original parts. We've had the bike sitting for a good while, untouched but finally decided to get it running again and decided to sell it. The motor on these bikes last a lot longer than most bikes which make it such a...
  3. Problems & Solutions EP3
    Hey ive got a 2004 Honda Civic SiR (canada). Recently people started telling me only one brake light works, and true enought the right one does not work. The running lights work (same bulb) but when i step on the brake only one works (left). Checked all the fuses, at least i think and they seem...
  4. Motorcycles
  5. Auto Talk
    I bought this from a state constable on friday, This car drives very nicely and the gas mileage seems ok so far. Im putting in 89 for now, and It runs great. It really only has a few things actually wrong, The drivers seat could use a new foam too lol. I'm getting the hood redone and bits of...
  6. Mid West
    Dang police drives equipped DC5's :)
  7. Exterior & Interior RSX
    I have a shield that goes in you're windshield with suction cups. It was given to me by a friend (his uncle is a cop) and I hate to sell it, but in all honesty I really need some cash. It says "Family Member, State Police NJ". There is no serial number to connect it with a police officer so it...
  8. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
1-8 of 74 Results