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  1. POLL: Has anyone had a stock coil pack fail?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    If an OEM coil has gone bad in your ride, what year/mileage did you have? Was it one or several? Thanks in advance!
  2. POLL Which manual tranny fluid actually stopped your gear(s) from Grinding?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    OK i know most of you are dealing with how fucking shitty our transmissions are. The grinding of 2nd and 3rd is the most frustrating bullshit that you could possibly deal with with when it comes to the RSX, whether it be the base or Type S. So, my question is: Have any of you actually fixed...
  3. POLL: Which rims look better?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Which rims do you like better? The pics with the black/chrome wheels the car is a little lower so don't let that sway your opinion.
  4. *Official Poll Thread For February 2013 POTM: Best Rolling Motherf**kin Shot!*

    Member Show-Off EP3
    Sorry it took a while, but damn our ep's look sexy as hell in a rolling shot! Here are your top 5 choices Winner will be getting a large 18x24 print of there winner photo Poll will end on 2-28-13 Thanks to everyone who entered! Vote away guys! AyoooE Sir_2002 o2ep3 DA9_GSR Scoottaay
  5. *Official Poll Thread For January 2013 POTM: Showoff Your EP's Winter Mode Setup*

    Member Show-Off EP3
    Thanks to everyone who entered! Here are your top 5 choices Winner will be getting a large engineer print of there winner photo Poll will end on 1-31-13 Vote away guys! EP303 04sidriver Superchargedk20 TheMan_ny IBx1
  6. * April 2012 COTM: Best Black (re-vote if you voted encore)*

    Member Show-Off RSX
    the theme is... -->Best Black RSX<-- *NOTE* Please take a few minutes to browse all of the nominees' showoff threads before making a decision. They each have their own threads filled with pictures, timelines, and individual stories. The poll will be open as well, so others may see who you voted...
  7. Poll on lowered RSX vehicles

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    We are trying to gauge usage among RSX owners. We'd greatly appreciate it if you would reply with your responses to the following four questions. Thanks. 1) Ride height Is your RSX… o Stock ride height o Lowered mainly for show use o Lowered mainly for street...
  8. Mugen gp project- new finished pics

    Wheels & Tires
    Just scooped a set of gp's locally for a outstanding deal. The reason I got them so cheap is because some retard spray painted them black. I will be dropping these off for a full refinish to clean up the rough lips and re-powder coat them. Looking for some good ideas on what color I should...
  9. poll

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    which intake is better the injen or the aem one ???
  10. quick poll: exhaust and exhaust manif investigation

    General RSX Discussion
    Alright, so if you do a quick search you'll find countless discussions on exhaust components (short tube headers, long tube headers, NA and Turbo cat-back exhausts). Generally if you're in the market and are looking for answers on this forum, you end up getting mixed reviews that leave you in...
  11. CT/NE *CHAT* No Poll since we healthcare now. The noob is watching Ohnoes

    North East
    In bitches!!! Whore away Extra Krispy 479 Gomer Pyle 285 Dr. Shakalu 277 RoadRunner Type S 183 Turbodreams 164 rl1690 109 Buster Cherry 101 rsxvbp06 79 recon23 44 Flanz 33 Inevitable 31 02turbok20a2 26 tryfe 9 Ricanizedkilla 9 RSXE 7 Dr Feltersnatch 2 anima 2 boofyboof 2...
  12. Car of the Year Poll - Krisen Type-S and CC2

    Canada East
    There's a Car of the Year Poll up in the Member showoff. Its for the best car of 2008. This is semi-final round 2. Krisen and I have been nominated. It would be nice to see a local win it. But of course vote for whoever you think deserves it. Poll...
  13. 17 HFP's or '08 17 SI WHEELS???

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I'm torn between the two. Here are pics of both on my car. And as of next month the car will hopefully be lowered with aspec side skirts, decklid, and itr rear lip :P Forgive the crappy pics and the dirty car. I just want some opinions :)
  14. APRIL 25th Morgantown PA Sonic Meet or KENT NARROWS (PHILLY area caravan poll)

    Mid Atlantic
    ATTN: probably one of the most promising meets for all cars in the tristate area. anyone down to meet up and then meet up for a caravan post up and see if we cant get a list. trying to see if we can rep more than the 3 rsxs including myself that attended last year EDIT: realized this is the...
  15. Poll: Location For the next Texas All State Meet

    Vote is public to verify the votes are from Texas members. Vote for the city you would like to host the next Texas All State Meat.
  16. Poll: Intake Manifolds

    Turbo RSX
    I'm looking for some feedback from the current turbocharged K20 owners out there. On topic responses are very appreciated. 1. What intake manifold are you currently running? 2. Do you think your power is limited at all by your intake manifold? A. Yes, drastically B. Yes, slightly...
  17. If you had to do it again, what color???

    General RSX Discussion
    I was reading atonaltensor's thread: and i came with an idea. maybe for the next poll, or future poll. the question: "What color RSX would you pick if you had to pick again, for what ever reason?" what do you guys think?
  18. Ideas for June.... *poll*

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Lots of people want to go back to Best *color* RSX of the month, so for june it will either be NBP or DSM. i'll keep this poll open until the nomination thread.
  19. Automakers Bankruptcy POLL

    Auto Talk
    Based on the current situation, what with the guv'mint already prepping Chryslers' paperwork for bankruptcy, what do you think is the fate of the Big Three?
  20. **poll question for cfrc friday night events**

    **POLL QUESTION** Track layout on Friday nights, Should it be..... 1. Left alone, Layout is fine the way it is. 2. Larger, with more pin turns. 3. More like Auto Cross, REDO the track. 4. full track? I have been there before, I prefer it that way. ANSWER..... 1. 2. 3 3. 4 4. 3 Hey...