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  1. silver type s pos wannabe stancey pants build

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    IG: teddyburrr_ THIS IS MY CAR AS OF RIGHT NOW 7/17 unfortunately I snap my progress and don't save my pics. dates of pics aren't in order but will do to give a generalization of whats going on. lil back story. I bought the car riced the fuck out lol. seibon carbon ricer hood w some funky...
  2. This car is a POS.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So two weeks after getting my TPS fixed, I get code P1259. Yay, limp mode fun! Since owning this car I have dealt with the following: -Fuel Pump Assembly cracked and leaked. Replaced with new OEM ~$290 -A/C Compressor grenaded itself, had to replace entire system due to metal contamination...
  3. New got a 2003 RSX type s POS lol

    New Member Introduction RSX
    So long story short got into a accident and was meaning to get a new car for dd that was cheap. I had to replace my real dd with something of note for my job. But this afforded me a little extra so I decided to get this car for a fixer upper to build the downhill car I had planned on my evo...
  4. 02 TYPE-S Cam pos sensor issues

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    K so i changed my clutch out the other night, and one of my injectors was faulty so i replaced that aswell. Soon as i started it up the car ran like crap. (ran fine befor i did the clutch, other than slight missfire from injector) Car bogs down when you give it gas while driving, if you can get...
  5. Why are Subaru's such POS?

    Auto Talk
    As the title states. Subaru's are Junk. I traded the Impreza that I had in for a CR-Z. The Impreza was an 09 with 47k miles. I pulled one of the plug wires and there was oil all over it. The car was just a POS from the get go. The transmission had to be pulled out because the throw out bearing...
  6. Turbo *Chat* - "I'm the fastest" :dealwithit:

    Turbo RSX
    Moostanks are slow pieces of shit :(
  7. Big rig rear end, laptop, and a POS 240sx= homemade dyno

    Lmao, boring vid but funny what they came up with using junk parts. Home made scandinavian dyno.
  8. GraphFlix has a car? oh lawwd it's a p.o.s. for now :(

    Member Show-Off RSX
    After 2 years of my motor blowing im on my 3rd motor and my car is finally back up and running it's not a pretty site to look at, but it's come along ways...all the blood, tears and more tears... enjoy :noes: when i first got her old pic... :noes: swaping in the 2nd motor a year ago...
  9. My 03 POS

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    My 03 in the works! Will post more pics later.
  10. Can a bent sway bar cause too much pos camber?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I hit a curb not too long ago (tire only; no body damage), now I can't seem to adjust my L/FR camber back to normal. Lower control arm was replaced, but there is still too much positive camber. Could a bent sway bar be causing this? Thanks.
  11. Fucking POS car Socal Drivers!

    Time to Bitch
    Seriously nothing I can do now.. :firemad: Btw, Authentic ITR LIP FTW. Here's what heppend, while I was driving to work this morning, there was this POS Chevy car on the right lane with one messed up headlights (one side brighter than the other) driving slow and I was driving in the fast lane...
  12. Got a POS P&S

    Its a GE A835 for 70$ (from 90) from compUSA. but now there is a Nikon Coolpix P60 for 100$ (from 200) from Officemax. I usually use my dad's D80 but just wanted something small to carry around and not worry about if left in the car. Trying to suck up some value since they charge a 15%...
  13. Oil Mess! Greddy POS feed line... lol

    Turbo RSX
    So today is crap so far... First off my EG (which is also turbo ;p) decided to have a retarded idle early this morning which slowly died down to like 300rpm and dies at every stoplight, which was pretty sweet. Got parts to fix but I don’t feel like it sense its so cold. So i took the EP for a...
  14. M3 vs My POS Cavalier...Guess Who Won

    RSX vs. All
    So I'm commuting to school this morning driving towards the I-75 Junction. I'm in my piece of shit Cavalier LS commuter car, lulz. I stopped at the last light before the junction which is maybe about a quarter to a third of a mile away. I'm in the left lane and a truck is next to me to the...
  15. POS gateway crashed, what do I do?

    Computer Tech
    My pos gateway laptop that I've had for only about a year crashed a couple weeks ago. Luckily I keep all my important stuff on my mac, but it still sucks that it crashed, all my music is on there. Anyway, I can't even get into the operating system (windows vista), all that happens when the...
  16. Power Honda Meet, k20 CRX, Mugen RSX, POS s2000

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    just saw this from gallery forum..just want to show ya the picture..:drool: click here
  17. Vita / Norcal / My POS Ep3

    Member Show-Off EP3
    -- 2004 Model -- Exterior: CTR rep. Front Lip CTR rep. Wing Visors Red H's 02-03 Headlights Red out Taillights Amber Sidemarkers Yellow Foggies Interior: Shift Knob Red Door panels Red H Engine: Purple VC IM Cover Gutted factory airbox with True Flow filter Chassis: Megan Racing St...
  18. help me start my POS

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    car kept dying, constantly jumping off. so its completely dead at my house, no autozone code, and im trying to not have it towed to a shop. heres whats up: 02 base model (aka pos) seemed to not be able to hold a charge, crank it up one minute, 10 minutes later its dead. so i replace the...
  19. MY POS crawling threw the gears !! TRSX

    Videos some reason HQ is on there i dunno if it takes longer or sumthin
  20. Problems With Lights Pos. Kpro?

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Ever Since I Installed My Kpro. My Lights On My Car Be Trippen Out At Times. When I Start My Car And Turn On The Lights Sometimes My Left Blinker Stays On And Headlights Turns Off. Or Even Sometimes My A/c Turns Off And Back On. This Only Happened When I Put My Kpro On. Anyone Have Any Idea Or...