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  1. Wire Gauge size to positive battery terminal?

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Working on the big 3 upgrade. There are two wires at the positive battery terminal, what is the gauge? I read it might be 6? Thanks in Advance!
  2. Positive wire harness gauge?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello, Damn corrosion has traveled up the positive side wire harness and I'm getting a check engine light for my starter and kpro daughter board. I was thinking about just cutting the infected wire then sticking an ANL fuse holder in the middle and a new wire to the battery. I suck at...
  3. VTc solenoid, positive batter cable, 05-06 rear sway type s

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Looking for a VTC solenoid not the vetc valve the one that goes on the side of the engine that is part number 15830-PNC-003. Looking for the positive cable which attaches to a few things including the starter. IF cheap enough a 05 or 06 rear sway bar off a type S. I am in GA 30144 so let me...
  4. Cheap way to get more positive caster (if you have camber adjustable top mounts)

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Ok so i'm putting a big disclaimer on this post because it may not apply to you guys at all. However, there's a reasonable chance it might work, so i figured i'd share my incomplete results. I've come across a bunch of good information here, so i'm hoping to return the favor. Why is there a...
  5. Burning rubber smell, almost positive not clutch

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey folks. I have an 04 type-S with all stock engine besides SRI and clutch with roughly 95K miles on it. -During my delivery route this morning (2-3 hours of nonstop driving) in the RSX whenever I would climb hills I would smell a strong burnt rubber or plastic Smell inside the car. -I opened...
  6. Positive battery terminal clamp replacement help

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    The positive battery terminal clamp on my 03' Type-S is loose around the post. I have it tightened all the way down but I can easily wiggle it off the post with my fingers. As a temporary fix I have a copper shim to make it tight but like I mentioned "temporary". I can buy the piece from Acura...
  7. Loose positive battery terminal clamp with HID

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I installed "The RetroFit Source" HID kit on my car about 6 months ago and my + battery terminal clamp has been loose all summer. Well, it hasn't really bothered me because my car has never had a problem starting up, but now that it's cold I want to get this fixed. The - side with the ground...
  8. FS 02-04 positive battery cable engine harness

    Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    90% sure it is off an 02-04, picked it up awhile back when i thought i was going to have to replace mine but the corrosion on mine wasnt as bad as it initially looked. looking to sell this for $40 local pick up only sacramento area up to placerville
  9. Replace Positive Battery Connector

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Has anyone had to tackle this task on their own? I'm trying to figure out a sensible way to go about replacing the positive connection for my girlfriends battery on her 2003 Acura RSX Type S. There is a ton of corrosion on the connector and it has permanently damaged it, and it's to the point...
  10. Battery Positive Terminal Cover Question

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I just realized after more then 4 years of owning the car that my battery doesn't come with a rubber piece that covers the positive terminal. Just wondering if it's that important? I do have a mugen hood so it most likely been wet before but no problems so far. Is there a safety concern when...
  11. WTB: Injen CAI bottle + Positive Battery Harness

    Canada West: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Need a Injen washer bottle and a Positive Battery Harness. The Harness I really only need the end terminals that go to the fues box and alternator. Willing to pay for shipping PM me
  12. h11 bulb: which side is positive?

    Lighting RSX
    anyone have a pic of which side of an h11 bulb is positive and which side is ground? i wired my fogs from the ground up to hid's so i dont have an h11 "socket" to tell which side is which. anyone know or have a pic of the socket? a pic would help me out a lot!
  13. FS: Boss Positive and Negative Battery Terminals (2) 4 Gauge + (1) 8 Gauge

    Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Accidentally bought the wrong terminals so my loss is your gain..$12 shipped for both.
  14. omni-power thorttle position sensor: Issues, positive customer service.

    General RSX Discussion
    so as some of you know we are screwed when it comes to the tps on our cars. either find a junkyard or buy a whole throttle body. then came along omni power. these parts aint cheap reeling in around 105-140ish at some performance parts stores. for those of us in a bind this seems to be the answer...
  15. wtb positive battery cable

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    looking to buy oem positive battery cable..let me know wuts good..thanks
  16. Positive or negative door triggers?

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I've searched quite a bit but cant find a definitive answer. Does the RSX use positive or negative door lock triggers?
  17. positive caster gain

    Suspension & Brakes EP3
    how much can we get with oem suspension parts? I did my alignment tonight and i had a little less then 1 degree of positive caster left and right. I've heard we can slide the subframe forward or buy top hats. im more interested in sliding the subframe since, for me, that's free. also, what's...
  18. A-Fraud tested positive for roids LOL

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
    I find this story hilarious. A-Fraud is a phony and MLB needs to get rid of the union. LOL @ A-Fraud:rotfl::rotfl:
  19. Positive experience w/ CDNN Sports Inc.

    The Great Outdoors
    I ordered 2 factory XD-9 magazines and 1 Mec-gear 18-round magazine from them over the phone. I first asked if they had them in stock, the gentlemen on the phone confirmed that they had more than enough in stock of each. Told him what I wanted to order, he educated me a bit on the Mec-Gear...
  20. Positive displacement supercharged S2000

    Auto Talk
    So its finally been done. A roots type charger setup has been made for the S2000, after having one on my RSX and having absolutely no regrets about it its a huge bump for those of us who like immediate linear torque. RSX makes about 260-280whp 180-200wtq tuned @ 9psi on the same kind of...