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  1. New Member Introduction RSX
    Okay so I'm not a new memeber but it seems that I no longer have permission to post in the general discussions section... WHY DHIS IZ SO??!? IM CONFOOZLES!!! AAHHHH NOOOO NHHOOO AHHHHH!!AAAA! FIX DHIS NHAOWWWW QQ! No but serioisly mods please give me permission to post again in every section of...
  2. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey all, Wanted to say hi and check in. I bought a silver 2002 base model in 2009 with 166k miles. I drove it until last week and got nearly 357k miles on it. At this point, it had enough problems (sticking brake caliper, radiator, tires) that were worth 2-3x what the car was worth. So I went...
  3. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Looking to buy a k24 post mount. Any available for sale
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey folks! My 05 RSX got some work done on the driver side due to a hit and run a couple years ago. Was trying to find the tire and loading sticker located at the driver side but realized that the body shop never put it back... Can't seem to find an image online of the tire and loading...
21-24 of 500 Results