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  1. K-Series Swaps
    Can a k20a2 PRB water pump housing be replaced with an RBC water pump housing? I have an 04 RSX type s and recently k24a swapped it. a bolt for the thermostat broke off into the water pump housing and I feel like it would be easier to replace the whole water pump housing instead of drilling...
  2. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Comes with adapter Asking 1,000$ obo
  3. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Looking for a stock type s ecu. Thanks!
  4. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I have a 06 RSX base which comes with a plastic intake manifold. It has dual runners that switch over around 5,000rpm. With this, the entire torque band for the K20A3 is pretty solid at low and high rpm. Is it worth changing the plastic dual runner intake manifold to a PRC or RRC intake...
  5. Part Outs RSX
    ac compressor 100 shipped alternator 70 shipped starter 60 shipped charge harness 60 shipped type s axles 100 shipped half shaft 90 shipped prb intake manifold 60 shipped
  6. Engine & Transmission RSX
    650 shipped and paypal'ed looking for a quick sale
  7. ECU Tuning RSX
    Hi, Been searching for a while and can't find a definite answer. As I understand, using the Type S Ecu with KPRO in the base will work, but make you lose secondary runner control. What exactly happens here? Do I just permanently lose the long runner and low end torque?
  8. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Couple of datalogs plotted in Virtual Dyno before and after I installed the PRC on my 03 type s. Two sets on two separate stretches of road which is why the numbers vary. Stock K20a2 w/ 245K miles and a qt/1000 thirst for 5w-30. Other mods are Injen CAI, ebay thermal IM gasket, 1420 header...
  9. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    I'm selling my kpro v4. It'd in a 02 prb ecu. I want 800.00 obo shipped via next day mail. I will have pics up once I get to work.
  10. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    I was wondering if the 02-04 prb intake manifold is the same manifold as the ep3 si prb intake manifold/ 05-06 rsx type s prb intake manifold? I know they have slightly different part numbers but didn't know if that might just be a cataloging thing. I have looked through many threads and done...
  11. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Looking for a PRB Kpro ecu or just a stock PRB ecu. Let me know what's out there.
  12. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    SOLD... Delete
  13. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    I have for sale a 02 04 rsx type s ecu Price is 250 usd shipped usps with tracking number. Buyer must pay for PayPal or other fees if applicable. Thanks for looking Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  14. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    For sale my PRB ECU fresh off my 2002 Type-S 250$ OBO [I would post a picture but my phone takes pictures which exceed the file upload limit so I'll have Imgur links available]
  15. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Up for sale, brand new Honda OEM PRB Knock Sensor. I paid 92$ for this at a local dealership, thinking my knock sensor was bad due to a code on the OBD2. However, after the part came in, my code went away, and I kinda just kept driving my car, no codes came back after a month, so I'm coming to...
  16. Engine & Transmission RSX
    SOLD!!! Selling a brand new Hytech K-Series oil pan setup which includes: Hytech Oil Pan Baffle PRB K20A2 02-04 Type-S Aluminum Oil Pan PRB K20A2 02-04 Type-S Oil Pick-up & Chain The baffle is already installed into the pan PRICE: $500 OBO incl. PP Fees & Shipping (to Canada & Lower 48...
  17. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Looking for stock 02-04 prb ecu. Lmk how much.
  18. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Kansas city, mo New v4 kpro in prb ecu. $900 shipped and paypal'd. Will return a deposit fee if you send back core. Pm me for more info
1-20 of 500 Results