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  1. Turbo RSX
    Location : Japan Project vehicle: 2004 Honda Integra Type S (face lift)(Acura base?) Hi, I am very new to the tuning scene so I appologize for taking the short cut. I just bought a JDM Honda Integra Dc5 type S (not typeR) and I am planning on making it faster. I was wondering if the bolt on...
  2. Exterior Mods RSX
    I took an auto body class in high school and I know all about the process one must go through to properly paint a part. Problem is, I no longer have access to the shop being the fact I'm out of high school. I'm looking at getting a full body kit for my 06 RSX type-s but I am fully aware that...
  3. Exterior Mods EP3
    i know this is a noob question but i would really like to know the answer lol if anyone knows please let me know! thanks! :D
  4. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    Looking for mugen grill and ep3 front seat belt buckles!
  5. Honda Civic Si: 06 & Up
    *Pre Order! Shipping date of 8/17/2012* -The 1st and only fully adjustable shifter for the 8th Gen Civic. -MIND BLOWING PRECISE SHIFTS. -Adjustable Left/Right Throw from 10-50% Below Stock. -Adjustable Front/Back Throw from 10-50% Below Stock. -All Metal Construction, WIth Oil Impregnated...
  6. Northern Cali
    Since the 14th of this July is Blox Open House, We figured we would throw a PRE MEET to get people together and hang out the night before and check out some of the cars that will be in the event. Perfect time for those who cant make it Saturday to come out. What better than the Night time...
  7. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    What do I need to do to my coil overs befor I put them on my car? I have function and form type 2s anything will help thanks!
  8. Southern Cali
    Pretty much as the title says. Last minute thing. Heres the Event page on facebook. CLICK HERE! For those of you without facebook. Were gonna meet up @ K1 Speed in Anaheim around 5 or 6pm, smash around the track for a bit. Then around 7ish caravan from K1 Speed to the M&M Donut meet in...
  9. North East
    Sunday April 1st 2012 Get your testing done before the 2 first BIG events at Atco and Etown. Honda Day Atco and Spring Nationals at Etown. Link to the Facebook Invite list:
  10. Exterior & Interior EP3
    Selling a pair of 02-03 UKDM Civic type R EP3. Lights are in awesome shape, no cracks , no chips, and no broken piece. Very little wear from normal use. 8.5-9 out of 10. Turn signal and rear fog sockets included!! $old!!! 04-05 OEM fog lights, brand new comes w/ everything you need to install...
  11. Turbo RSX
    I want to hear some opinions. I plan on turboing my car but I don't have the money to do it all at once. I've agreed with my wife to pretty much buy stuff piece by piece to make it less of a dent on our wallets. I plan to upgrade the exhaust first. I wanna get his catback to start off. What I...
  12. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Selling my 70mm obx TB, 100 BUCKS
  13. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Nothing wrong with it. 35 Shipped.
  14. Auto Talk
    If I wasnt modding my ep this is probably what I would be doing... My buddy has been modding pre runners for a while now and this is his 10th ranger and 2nd built pre runner. The suspension is completely redone and he even swapped the famous ford 5.0 motor into it. It hauls balls and with...
  15. Mid Atlantic
    So just for us FDR guys. Meetup at 10:15AM. I think we're stopping along the way to meetup with Chad. Chad is that right? Who of us is meeting at FDR? We'll just meet at our normal spot. 1. Jeremy
  16. Cell Phones
    No trades and not accepting offers below asking price. For Sale: $110 Shipped Included: 1 - Palm Pre (MINT) 1 - Oem Battery 1 - Oem Leather Case 1 - Touchstone Charging Dock 1 - Oem Data Cable This would need to be flashed to another carrier besides Sprint
1-16 of 67 Results