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  1. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Well this is it,i intend to dyno the car which is a Base. Mods done to it are. 1.Fujita CAI 2.DC Sports Race Headers 3.Exhaust upgrade/piping combination of 2.25-2.75...with a MagnoFlow muffler. Car made 120 with just the CAI. Ok,let me hear your predictions.
  2. Supercharging RSX
    Guys im a partial regular here and don't hate me for making this thread lol. I have my own idea's based on what the car should "theoretically" make but I am bored at work and want to see what you smarter people think. I was running -Injen CAI -DCRH -CC Stage 3 and 9lb flywheel -JRSC @ 9psi (i...
  3. All Motor RSX
    Here is what my setup consists of its in a civic. K24a4 Block IB SPEC Rods Wiseco Pistons 12.5:1 ACL bearings TSX HEAD Hytech Grand AM Cam Kit Supertech Valves, Valve springs, retainers K-PRO Hytech Header 3in Exhaust
  4. All Motor RSX
    i'm going to dedicate another night to my car, just got my last project motor done, and it's out the door... just one chassis to finish and this motor before the transplant in the EK shell and a major overhaul :) anyways this was my previous run at a 25VTC, now with the machined one (44 VTC...
  5. Turbo RSX
    I ordered the revhard turbo kit last week and it should be here sometime mid next week and install that following weekend. The thing is around here i like to go to the 1/8 track (instead of 1/4). I will be pushing 6-7lbs, on 16's with comp t/a's, and the weather will be in the 40's at 900...
  6. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    Wassup guyz. I just got a couple new mods, AEM CAI and a 5Zigen Catback. Any predictions for me with Falken Azenis and no spare/sub/jack. DOnt really feel like tearing out the seats, too lazy. But yeah, any predictions for me. :nervous: Im going on Sunday to try it out, seems faster, but thats...
1-6 of 8 Results