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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I layed 3 nice coats of abp on my lip, let it dry in the sun and it got some dust on it. I took a microfiber towel w/ some rubbing alcohol and went over it to remove the dust. There appears to be moisture related swirls but they don't seem to wanna dry up. Did I ruin my base coat and have to go...
  2. Car Care Showoff RSX
    Here we have a brand new Nissan GTR, just an awesome car! As we all know during transport, and dealer prep, any car can get contamination, swirling, and damage to the paint. Although, not sever a little TLC is always good. I started with the wheels. Sonax Full Effect, wheel woolies, a boars...
  3. Car Care Showoff RSX
    I was contacted to coat a brand new BRZ. Although a new car I knew it could appreciate a 1 step polishing. The client decided to go with the 1 step correction, a good thing as although new, I was able to make a great improvement. This car was getting a coating so proper paint prep was key! I was...
  4. North East
    i need my rsx prepped for paint. small dings on doors and a small indent on the passenger fear fender. Check out my build thread for pictures. Located in oswego ny / westchester Ny .
  5. Turbo RSX
    i wanted to turbo my 02 type s and i was wondering if my engine needed to be prepped for it? like do i need and aftermarket parts so it can handle the turbo or can i just bolt on on without and modifications. your help is appreciateddd.
  6. Turbo RSX
    Just wondering what engine mods should I do to get my car ready for a turbo I was thinking IM,cams,cam gears, exhaust?
  7. Car Care Showoff RSX
    I was contacted to prep this beautiful new S4. I travelled out to Oakville for this detail. The client was very welcoming. Ok so... The vehicle was washed, clayed and the paint was also jeweled and finally topped off with Zaino Z2pro and Z8. The client drives around a lot for his business...
  8. Auto X & Road Racing
    Hello all, I've got an 05 with ~74k miles on it. Besides the normal wear and tear on suspension components and brakes, should I really worry about the engine at this point? It has been properly maintained (I know, I am the original owner :) ) and the engine and clutch feel as good as ever...
  9. Vehicles For Sale RSX
  10. Canada West
    This is the first year I've gotten some Winter tires (General Altimax Arctics) for my RSX and am planning to head up to Cypress and Grouse as often as possible. Just wondering what you guys are doing or would suggest for these situations: - Starting to slide when coming to a stop This has...
  11. Turbo RSX
    Well I ahve been on this board for a long ass time (going on 5 years). I have been laying off on my RSX for awhile in favor of my two wheeled death machines but am back to doing things with my car b/c I am stuck in Afghanistan and have nothing better to spend my money on other then 'blow and...
  12. Car Care RSX
    I was contacted by the owner of this brand new car about polishing his brand new car. He just moved to Ohio from Miami, and his other cars have been maintained by a couple of the premiere detailers in the country...their work is off the charts, and they normally do the really high-end vehicles...
  13. Auto Talk
    hey guys i went to a honda dealer looking to pick up a civic sedan lx...they didnt have any so they give me an offer on a ex for 16900, which seems to be fair but they hit me over the head a lil on my trade in, 2006 rsx-s and only things that bother me is 2 things ....951 $ dealer prep charge...
  14. Motorcycles
    OK, I have never owned a FI bike before and my dad has owned numerous ones for years. He told me to change the oil right before I put it away in my garage for the winter, I put stabil in the fuel tank and took out the battery. He then said come summertime, (a.k.a today in a few hours when I...
  15. Turbo RSX
    I'm getting things ready for a dyno tune session for 30+ psi. Anything u guys can recommend would be great. One thing I want to make sure are the torque value for the arp headstuds. They are at 65 ft/lbs right now at 15psi. What should they be at higher boost level for alluminum block?
  16. Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey guys looking to buy a used Bumper and i'll get it painted at a body shop but looking to do the prep work myself. What are the steps i take and materials i'll need.
  17. Auto X & Road Racing
    Including regular washdowns a few times a you guys spray anything on your coilover threads/perches to keep then from seizing or corroding...and what brand of spray/lubricant?? A search of this site suggests most people use the following: WD-40 Copper based Anti Seize Compound...
1-17 of 33 Results