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  1. Hydrolock prevention

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Just a quick question. Everyone knows why hydrlock happens with cold air intakes and there are many ways of preventing it like the hydroshield or simply replacing it with a short ram. But has anyone tried spraying their filters with never wet? EDIT: sorry if this is the wrong section for...
  2. CAI with hydrolock prevention?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hey all, So I almost destroyed my engine a few weeks back by sucking up water into it via my AEM CAI. I was thinking about going back to stock but I don't want to lose the benefits of a CAI and I hear SRI are very loud and I don't want that either. Any suggestions on a quality CAI where the air...
  3. cleaning/paint damage prevention

    Car Care RSX
    I've noticed that where the bumpers meet the quarterpanels ( both front and rear ) , I guess from excessive speed and general movement that the friction at where the two components meet that I have wear and trear,, I don't wanna shim them apart further because of fitment and looks. I've...
  4. Cleaning in the fenderwells? for rust prevention!

    Car Care RSX
    I have an 03 and never have cleaned in the fenderwells, especially in the back quarter panels- because i know that is where honda rust starts I am afraid of rust and I live in PA- can you take out the rubber fender liners that line the inside of the fenderwell lip and clean it and then put it...
  5. cf haze prevention

    Car Care RSX
    hey guys i just bought a cf hood and want to know what i can put on it to prevent it from hazing, my headlamps hazed like a bitch and thats one of my biggest pet peeves, thanks:thumbsup:
  6. cars are getting stolen in my area-any prevention?

    General RSX Discussion
    Welll cars have been getting stolen in my town very frequently these past few just happened 2 days ago to a close friend of mine....she had a 2006 honda civic EX.....i was told that they have a similar security system as our RSX and are unstealable unless they are towed...well she...
  7. The Ten Commandments of Noise Prevention

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Saw this posted on ICIX and though it important enough to share as noise issues crop up here all of the time, Moderaters you may want to Stickey this. Original article here: I. The best cure is prevention. I can't overemphasize this point. If you've...
  8. WINTER=SALT=RUST...what prevention to use

    Car Care RSX
    I have posted this in another area. Winters approaching and still undecided what rust prevention to use for my car's first winter. Any comments (good or bad) on Krown, RustCheck, undercoating or any other techniques? Was told undercoating could do more damage if salt finds it way between...
  9. Prevention of the dreaded swirls

    Car Care RSX
    Swirl marks........we all hate them but how can i prevent them from appearing on my car. Are they preventable? cuz i took total car of my 98 CL and it still has swirls marks. I compared it to my RSX-S now and I am totally ashamed and disappointed with my care of the CL. Help me out b4 its too...