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  1. MST Wheels Sale - 19% OFF on All Products!
    If you want to enhance the way your Acura RSX looks and performs, upgrading it with a set of custom wheels is the right way to go. Today we are here with a new offer on MST Wheels, that will help you to achieve this goal without breaking the bank. Now you have a chance to buy these awesome...
  2. Make your RSX look and function like new with TruParts Products!
    Restoration of your valuable Acura RSX can be an exciting journey and a real nightmare at the same time. All because of the pricy replacement parts you need to get to complete a restoration project or get your daily driver back on the road. TruParts offers easy, effective and budget-friendly...
  3. New Mexico JJ Products Flip-down Armrest [Titanium Leather, Used]

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    JJ Products website for more information here It is in decent condition . Most of the leather looks very good. But it does have a wear spot where your arm would touch down. You could use some leather dye as a remedy if you wish...
  4. Edge Products Power Programmer Edge Products Insight CTS

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Has anyone use this product on their Base RSX? I have a tuner friend that recommended it, but my research shows a lot of applications on diesel trucks, not much on 4 cylinder cars... Edge Products Power Programmer Edge Products Insight CTS...
  5. *Beatrush Sponsrship Opportunity* Chassis Products for RSX *Kamispeed*

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hey all! If you are looking for some high-quality chassis products at a discounted price. Kamispeed is running a partial sponsorship for qualified RSXs. Beatrush is looking for a couple of cars to partial sponsor on this forum. If you have heard of Beatrush you know the quality is top notch...
  6. Hondata Products

    Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Have most products on hand, can order in anything else if need be. Ecu's available for purchase in combo with board for kpro. All include hondata manufacturers warranty. Pm for pricing on your specific application!
  7. WARNING - Rock Auto and Moog Products

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Just a heads up for anyone considering purchasing Moog products from Rock Auto (or any other vendor). I recently purchased 4 Moog end links from Rock Auto. What was received and what was pictured on their website were completely different. After some investigation, it appears Moog sells 3...
  8. Sold

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
  9. Hello from MFactory Competition Products!

    MFactory Competition Products
    Hello ClubRSX, we are proud to announce our sponsorship of the ClubRSX forum, and hope to be able to help out the community with any drivetrain related concerns. although our current product line-up for the K-Series at the moment is limited compared to what we have for the B-Series, our R&D...
  10. POR 15 or other Rust Repair Products

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello ClubRSX, I am relatively new here so I just thought Id ask some people more experienced then me! So I live with the salty roads of Canada and also have to deal with rust issues. When I bought the RSX there was already rust in the gas filling area and also some rust bubbles forming. My...
  11. What products are you using??

    Car Care RSX
    I saw a thread from 2008 that discussed products forum members were using to keep their cars clean and shinny. Here is a link: I didn't want to revive a 5 year old thread so I thought I would start a new one since there isn't one like this...
  12. CorportUSA products @ AFH

    AutoFair Honda
    We are now offering CorsportUSA products at AFH -- Free shipping !!! Pm me or post any questions about which application you would need for your specific car Most applications we offer is EP3, DC5, 8thCivicSI, and K-series engines! Add any of this in with your OEM parts order from Autofair! I...
  13. K Series Parts Open Box Products!

    K Series Parts
    Looking for parts on a budget? K Series Parts has you covered! Check out our Open Box Section in the store!
  14. REVIEW: Alpine INA-W910

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Alpine INA-W910 Pros: Decently quick boot up time. Audio controls are great. Attach the IMPRINT proccessor and the sound improves greatly. I spent hours trying to tune my system and got it to sound good, but no where as great as this. The time correction seems to help as well. Hard button...
  15. malco cleaning products

    The DIY Garage EP3
    weve had a dealer coming to us for a while now and offers a lot of US based cleaning products, ive found the malco range to be very nice, if any of you get the chance try there nano quick spray detailer, fantastic product, also they do a cleaning product called 'outragious orange', it dilutes...
  16. Products and Experience

    Buyer & Seller Disputes
    UPDATE!!! They are taking care of the issues! So I purchased 2 sets of H1 bulbs for my high beams and fog lights along with 2 sets of Multi LEDs for my parking lights. To make the long story one of my fog light bulbs went out today and my two LED bulbs, the actual LED part fell off and burnt on...
  17. help me use these products

    Car Care RSX
    ok so i have all these products. the is still one more missing i believe. and it would be the polish? so this is what i have and these are the steps i think i need to take. fix me if im wrong. wash Meguiars clay bar Meguiars red cutting pad with the ultimate compound with porter cable...
  18. Aftermarket automotive lighting products

    North East
    Anyone know of any stores or distributors selling Depo Auto parts or E-lite Automotive parts or any Aftermarket automotive lighting products in NJ, NY, CT (east coast) Plz Help :)
  19. JJ Products Armrest-Ebony

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Bought this armrest off of clubrsx. It's brand new in box all ready to go. Asking $100 shipped. I will only ship to the lower 48 states. Local pickup welcome. **EDIT: Asking $85 shipped. This is a steal!! Normally $146
  20. Dash kit with hazard and cage $25 also few kicker products inside cheap

    Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    as title says brand new dash kit with cage and hazard button. SOLD. Q Logic Subwoofer box for drivers side hatch- $125 Kicker CVT 10" sub- $50 Kicker ZX250.2- $125 Kicker ZX300.1- $125 Kicker Battery power splitter-$10 Kicker Solo Grills- $10 ea